Virtual Classroom FAQs

Training video – Please click here to see a training video to help you better understand the virtual classroom.

Please see the below for assistance on how to use your trainer dashboard


  • When is my first lesson?

Please log onto the platform and check via your dashboard.

  • I am receiving a notification that I am teaching a class at 10am however my class was confirmed for 9am, why is this?

This may be because the notification was generated from another timezone. However, do not worry! This can easily be solved by logging onto the platform and checking your timezone, which can also be changed by you if needed. To change/check your timezone please go to Settings/Edit Profile.

  • My learners want to move or skip a class, how do I do this?
  • To move a class there are two options, you can go to the calendar view and “drag and drop” the class or you can select the class and edit.
  • If a learner misses a class altogether there is no need to delete/cancel the class, simply edit the date to the end of the program.
  • You can view all the scheduled classes by selecting the image highlighted in light green – “Course Overview”.

  • I am running out of classes on the VC, but there are still hours on BiCortex Manager

Please email your Programme Coordinator before you run out, they will then add more classes for you. You do NOT need to add the classes yourself.


  • What is the best way to upload materials? 
  • Please use the correct file type: e.g. PDF, M4V, mp3, mp3 or WAV.
  • PowerPoint / Word are best converted to PDF.
  • Keep files to around 50MB.
  • PDF versions of large documents should be broken into sections (we recommend no more than 20-30 pages) to make it easier to navigate to the correct page. 
  • All materials added can be accessed in any class.
  • Any annotations to the materials will be for that class only, each time you open an uploaded file you will open the original.
  • The learner can also upload their own materials or even homework. When they are in the classroom they should select the green upload button that appears on the screen, here they can drag and drop saved documents from their computer. Once the document is uploaded they can then select to open it on the whiteboard, so that you can then view these documents together.

  • How do I make use of Google Docs in the classroom?
  • Rather than converting these to PDF you may add them to the lesson library, allowing learners to also edit them (with necessary permissions). To do so, from inside the virtual classroom, click the + icon on the right to open the Lesson Library
  • Click Upload
  • Choose Google Drive Link from the options
  • Paste the Google Drive link here (including the https://…)
  • Then you’ll be able to view and work together on the Google Doc from inside the whiteboard (depending on the permissions).     

Here is a video with step-by-step instructions:     

  • I have saved PowerPoint in PDF to reduce file size, but this means I am unable to take advantage of animations and other interactive aspects of this software. What tips do you have for including interactive materials in the lessons?
  • You may try to use a PowerPoint add-on called ‘PPspliT’. 
  • This tool converts the PowerPoint into a PDF, where interactive animations (e.g. if the user clicks somewhere and a graphic appears) are added to a separate page of the PDF. If you then upload the PDF and browse through this format you still have some kind of interactivity. 
  • Alternatively you may try accessing websites such as Quizizz, Quizlet, Flippity, Kahoot and others. In that case you may be able to share a link with the learners via the chat function, so they can participate in the quizzes or share the screen with your learners.      

Platform features and usage

  • When I use my tablet / mobile, some features don’t work
  • The virtual classroom is designed to be used on a number of devices, but as the trainer you should always use a computer as some features are not available on mobile devices e.g. screen share.
  • Learners may use other devices, but again should be encouraged to use a computer wherever possible in order to fully benefit from the features available.
  • Can the learners see when I am typing?
  • Yes, as soon as you start typing the learner will be able to see what is being written and this is the same when the learners are typing.
  • I am having video/audio issues, how can I resolve this?

Checking the cause of the problem

  • Please ensure you have good quality internet (Wi-Fi or ethernet) NOT mobile data.
  • You can check your internet speed using The classroom needs at least 5mbps to run (NB this may fluctuate so it is worth doing more than one test).
  • Please run a diagnostics test via the Settings menu, you can identify if the issue is coming from the learner or the trainer.

Tips to help solve the problem (can be done by the trainer and/or the affected learner)

  • Always use a computer NOT tablet or phone
  • All participants should use headphones and microphone to reduce feedback and echo
  • When playing audio files please ask learners to mute microphones
  • Refresh the video (button below the video feed)
  • Redo an equipment check (classroom settings on the right-hand side)
  • Change the room type from peer-to-peer to group (classroom settings)
  • Change the server – there are two to choose from Green or Blue (classroom settings – please be aware that this and changing the room type will involve a brief disconnection)
  • Change to an external server (classroom settings) see the video here
  • Switch off video
  • If none of the above work, move to another platform such as Zoom/Google Meets, please do not spend too much lesson time trying to resolve IT issues.
  • Watch the training video from around 58:40 onwards to get familiar with the steps before you need to use them.

  • I am trying to link to an external website but it isn’t working

Please take screenshots of the website instead and share these and/or refer learners to the website for homework.

  • Screen Share isn’t working, or I am getting multiple images
    • The virtual classroom isn’t designed for screen sharing as its main function.
    • Instead please upload your documents / files and share this way.
  • If you do share your screen, try to share only one tab, rather than the entire window or desktop.

  • I am unable to see the other party

The best thing to do is close any other programmes that might be accessing the camera/microphone (e.g. Zoom/Skype) and redo an equipment check (via settings (cog icon) on the right-handside).

  • How do I message my learners?

Find class, click on the learner’s name, press the message button.

  • Is it possible to add attachments to messages?

Yes, please use pdfs however the learner must create a new message in order to send a document back to the trainer.

  • Are classes recorded / can they be recorded?

No, classes are not recorded automatically. We hope there will be an update soon that allows for this.

  • The Virtual Classroom isn’t working, I need to change platforms!

Rather than emailing / messaging a link or invite to the learners there are two quick ways to share:

  • Add the link address to chat
  • Select classroom settings > server > external and when prompted paste the link address. This will open up a new meeting on the new platform in a separate window. We recommend practicing this in case you need to use it.
  • My learners can’t download the lesson content after the class is finished

Class content can be downloaded only during a class. Alternatively users can log in to their  dashboard (right-hand side) so that they may review past classes, however it is NOT possible to download past classes. All trainers please tidy up class notes and comments before leaving the classroom as the class will be saved exactly as it is at that point, including all whiteboards and chat.

  • When I log into a new class I can’t see the past content

A new class starts with a fresh whiteboard, so this will not be visible. You may review previous classes via your dashboard.

  • There was a problem in my class and I could not fix it

Please take screenshots and complete our error form here

In order to help we need as much information as possible, including what the issue was, what steps were taken to resolve it etc.

  • How do I end the class at the end of the lesson?

Please see the instructions below of how to exit the classroom in different scenarios.

Click here for BiCortex Manager User Guide

Click here for the BiCortex trainer information

Last Updated: 17/04/2024