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Please see below some important information about your lessons with BiCortex Languages. If you need any further information or require any clarification please contact your programme coordinator.

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Confidentiality & Professionalism

  • All communications on behalf of BiCortex should be conducted in a professional manner.
  • Under no circumstances should you discuss financial or confidential information with learners.
  • You should not share BiCortex documents, materials or login information with any other party.
  • BiCortex does not have a dress code, however please ensure you dress appropriately for the location in which you are meeting, for example in office environments.

First lesson

You will receive a confirmation email from your programme coordinator with valuable information including:

  • When and how you should first contact your learner(s). The first contact should include a brief introduction about yourself and importantly confirm the day, time/timezone and exact location (either an address or virtual platform) of the first lesson. If requested in the confirmation email please forward a copy of your first contact to your programme coordinator.
  • If you have any trouble reaching your learner(s) please contact your programme coordinator who will be able to assist.
  • Any necessary documentation for the learner(s) will be sent to you in the confirmation email, please familiarise yourself with the contents and requirements.
  • The first lesson is not just an introductory meeting, please also ensure you have an adaptable lesson plan and materials available for the estimated level of the learner(s).

BiCortex Manager (timesheet app)

  • All lessons should be recorded on the app straight after the lesson has finished – this should not be delayed.
  • After the lesson, select the appropriate program and input the lesson information (date, duration, etc.). Details on how to use BiCortex Manager can be found <here/below>
  • For face-to-face classes, the learner should confirm the details and sign (using their finger or stylus) on your phone, for online lessons no signature is required.
  • For certain online programmes, the trainer must email the learner at the end of the month for confirmation of lessons done and forward this to [email protected]. If you are in any doubt as to whether this applies to you please contact your programme coordinator.
  • If you are unable to access BiCortex Manager please let your programme coordinator know as soon as possible.

Lesson cancellations and schedule amendments

Where possible, BiCortex asks that you please adopt a flexible and adaptable approach, remembering many learners are busy professionals.

Always confirm your next class date and time, either at the end of the current class or via email/message (this is especially important around national holidays).

  • BiCortex operates a 24 hour cancellation policy (unless you are otherwise specifically informed), which learners are aware of. learners can cancel with more than 24 hours’ notice for any reason without penalty. This comes into effect only after the first lesson.
  • BiCortex asks all learners to tell their trainer directly about any cancellations.
  • If a class is cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice it should be moved to a mutually convenient day/time or to the end of the program (for lessons on the virtual classroom the trainer should make any amendment).
  • If a class is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice it should be added to BiCortex Manager so that you are paid. For face- to- face late cancellations please add the class when you next see the learner and ask them to sign. 
  • Note: Group classes have a fixed schedule, unless ALL learners agree to cancel/move a class, a missed class is forfeited by the individual learner.


  • Actions that do not require you to contact your programme coordinator:
    • Provided that all parties are in agreement, you are free to amend the schedule/frequency/duration of classes directly with your learners
  • Actions that require you to contact your programme coordinator:
    • Change of delivery method, eg moving from face-to-face to online
    • Change to lesson participants
    • If there are two consecutive late cancellations
    • If there is a gap in classes of more than four weeks please let your programme coordinator know the reason and the date of the next planned lesson.
    • For face to face (in person lessons) where a change of location of the lessons is requested.

Materials and Resources

  • BiCortex will inform you of any materials budget in the programme confirmation email.
  • You may use any materials that you feel are appropriate for the learners’ learning, however please do not use own-brand material from other language course providers.
  • The budget available is for purchases for the learner only, not for trainer resources. All purchases are the property of the learner.
  • The budget can be used for learning resources such as books, CD’s, magazines or other digital materials.
  • The materials budget cannot be used for other items such as equipment, online self-paced learning, office supplies or excessive photocopies.
  • Receipts for the materials purchased should be sent on a monthly basis with your invoice to [email protected].
  • BiCortex has an online resource library available, the details of which are in your confirmation email.

Lesson observations

Please be advised that BiCortex carries out  lesson observations from time-to-time as part of our commitment to quality control and continuous improvement of our training staff. Following the observed lesson we will reach out to discuss our feedback and provide guidance where needed. If you have any queries at all about this please contact us.


Payment procedure 

  • BiCortex transfers the payments directly into the teacher’s bank account. Please provide all your bank account details to [email protected]
  • Invoices should be submitted in PDF format to [email protected] before the 5th of each month and include the following information:
    • Name and address
    • Invoice number
    • Bank details (including IBAN)
    • Fees, including the currency
  • Payments are made by the 20th of each month, please contact [email protected] with any queries.
  • Discussion of financial matters with learners or customers is considered a breach of conduct, please refer to your contract of employment for further details.

Change of personal information 

If you have recently changed your name, address, email, phone number or bank account information, please make sure to send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] so we can update our records.

 If you are planning on a prolonged holiday (more than two weeks) please inform BiCortex as soon as possible at [email protected]

If you wish to stop teaching for BiCortex please inform [email protected], please remember we require a minimum of a two week notice period.

BiCortex’s Website 

We will be happy to add any article related to languages or education to our website blog written by you (due to copyright), content can be in any language:

  • An article that you have written for a magazine 
  • Your end of studies thesis or project
  • Text from your own blog

BiCortex’s Social Media 

Feel free to visit the BiCortex’s fan pages:



You are warmly welcome to “Like it”. We would also love to publish some pictures of you and your student(s) together, of course if you and the learner agree. Just send the pictures to us by email to: [email protected].

Last updated: 17th April 2024