Document Legalisation and Apostille Services

For use in a country other than that in which it was issued.

We can also assist in procuring a new document if you no longer have your original document.

Why is this required?

The requirements for legalisation and apostille vary from country to country but as we operate globally so we can provide local advice to ensure your documents go through the correct procedure. This means you get the correct documents as quickly as possible.

What types of documents can be apostilled?

Legalised and apostilled documents are often needed for visa applications, international property purchases, business transactions and other international procedures. Many types of documents require legalisation and include:

What difference is there between legalisation and apostille?


Apostilles and legalisations serve the identical objective of enabling a document issued in one country to be recognised and used in another. However, the required procedure varies based on whether both countries are signatories to The Hague Apostille Convention (The Convention of 5 October 1961, which eliminates the need for legalisation of foreign public documents).

Regardless of whether your intended purpose requires legalised or apostilled documents we are here to help. Please check which is suitable in your target country on our services page:

We can also provide you with high-quality sworn translations or language translations and localisation of your website.