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About Us - BiCortex Languages is a Global Service Provider

BiCortex Languages is a leading global language provider operating worldwide. We partner with our customers to deliver expertly-handled language services for expatriates and relocating families. BiCortex does this by providing language training to thousands of students every year. BiCortex’s success and reputation come from several critical features and areas of expertise that distinguish it from the competition.

Language learning and relocation experience

More than 75% of BiCortex’s employees (staff and instructors) are or have been expatriates themselves and have language teaching experience. Our talented instructors know the intricacies of relocating, learning a new language and adapting to a new culture firsthand. This makes them knowledgeable and helpful guides who can patiently and empathetically solve client questions and concerns. BiCortex’s staff and management are passionate believers of the importance and value of comprehensive language training and use their skills for the client’s benefit.

Qualified and experienced language instructors

BiCortex has access to a worldwide network of certified instructors that can provide language learning instruction in any part of the world, in almost every language. 

Training and schedule flexibility

We can provide language training at a comfortable location (office, home or convenient off-site training locale) anytime and anywhere in the world. 

BiCortex works with its customer’s needs, timelines and objectives to create a streamlined and hassle-free learning process. We have the flexibility to adjust to student schedules, cancellations and changes in learning location and format.

Customised approach to language learning

The curriculum and teaching style of every language course is matched to the student’s goals and learning preferences. We take a comprehensive needs assessment of clients in order to ensure that all aspects of the language lessons align with the individual or group’s needs.

Intuitive and robust technology and systems

BiCortex’s established and IT-driven learning processes distinguish it from the traditional learning methods of its competitors. Instructors, staff and managers all have training in utilizing our technology to provide a consistent quality of instruction and responsiveness that can be monitored close to real-time.

Students and clients have real time access to BiCortex Manager, our proprietary student status database that accounts for all language training programs. Students and trainers can use the BiCortex phone app to share information, receive updates and confirm lesson completion in one convenient program.

BiCortex also offers its Virtual Training Platform as part of its language training service to enhance the student learning experience. Our Platform is coupled with a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to produce customised and tailor-made courses and industry-specific language content.

Prompt customer support

BiCortex hosts support teams in different time zones so that customer service and answers can be provided promptly. We place a strong emphasis on our relationships with our clients and students, we strive to give the comfort of knowing that their assignments will be handled thoroughly and satisfactorily.

BiCortex operates 365 days per year without exception and any customer service question will be answered within a few hours.

Competitive pricing and rates

We combine high-quality services with fair fees so that learning is within reach of anyone’s budget.

Established “quality assurance review” process

Our 5-step Quality Assurance Review (QAR) process ensures that all client issues raised are systematically reviewed, addressed, and resolved to satisfaction. BiCortex takes an ambitious stance towards making system improvements to prevent any issues of recurrence. We care what people think about us.