Sworn Translations Service

We provide fast, affordable and high-quality language translations by qualified professionals worldwide.

Sworn translations services for your relocation success

In Global Mobility, a global language translations service is key to earn the trust of foreign customers. It is better to communicate with them in their own language not only to ease their comprehension, but also to make them feel respected and valued. This is something BiCortex can help with. Additionally, sworn translations are required in immigration processes.

Our operation runs worldwide, with local sworn translators, translating to and from any foreign language combination you might need. Our customers receive professional treatment and we guarantee the quality of the translation to the agreed deadlines and other terms. 

BiCortex works with experienced translators, highly qualified professionals and sworn translations for all types of texts. All the translations are reviewed by a second professional to guarantee the quality of the translation. Proofreading is included in the final price. Check our BiCortex Translations business unit.

website translations

Website translation and localisation

We can provide a high-quality language translations and localisation of your website. Whether you like your website to be in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian or any other language, we are here for you. We work with both professional translators and top webpage designers in order to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Our website localisation services include not only content translation, but also include:
  • Webpage optimisation (for top rankings in foreign search engines)
  • Database translation and management
  • Ongoing support

Document translation

  • Sworn and certified translations of Personal documents (Birth, marriage or death certificates; School/ university diplomas, Resumés, Employment forms, Applications, Personal correspondence, etc.)
  • Security/Safety texts
  • Internal and external communications
  • Institutional presentations
  • Press releases
  • Any type of contract
  • Marketing documents (PowerPoints, brochures, flyers, etc)
  • Documents for trade shows
  • Internal procedures
  • Messages from the CEO
  • Requests for information (RFIs), Requests for quotes (RFQs)
  • Technical documents such as manuals and white papers
  • Patents
  • Training courses
Document translations

Our services go further still


Together with all types of written translation services, we also offer high-quality interpreting services. Our interpreters are qualified professionals, located worldwide, who can deliver both face-to-face and online interpreting solutions upon request.


We believe that effective and professional communication cannot be achieved without proofreading. We know that there are a lot of web and mobile applications that can help you solve this problem nowadays. However, inaccuracies persist, and subtleties are often overlooked. Nothing can replace the skills of an experienced and professional linguist.
Proofreading is an essential part of any high-quality translation and is included in the final price. However, if you need proofreading of documents written in your mother tongue, we are also happy to help.

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