Relocation Consultant Search Services

Our team of relocation consultants are based worldwide. They are assigned to clients who are relocating to another country and desire expert assistance with the entire relocation process.

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How does BiCortex match clients with relocation consultants?

With our relocation consultant search services, we have clients fill out a profile detailing their relocation needs and requirements. These can include the number of years they expect to relocate, where they wish to live, how they wish to learn a new language, and their moving timeline, as well as the amount that they have budgeted for relocation services.

BiCortex takes an all-encompassing approach to matching assignees and families with the right relocation consultant to make the relocation process smooth and uninterrupted.

Our process to source relocation consultants

Once we have the profile of the consultant to be sourced, we begin the process of matching the right candidates to the client:

  • BiCortex immediately reaches out to its global 24/7 network.
  • A list of prospective candidates is set up and they are interviewed to determine their suitability for the client.
  • Within 7 days, BiCortex presents the client with one or more of the frontrunner candidates.
  • Should they wish, the client can interview the candidates and specify additional needs, budgetary concerns, and for how long their services might be required.
  • The client makes the final decision. If none of the candidates are accepted, then BiCortex continues to reach out to find and interview the right consultant.
  • Once the consultant is contracted, BiCortex steps back to allow the client and consultant to move forward with the relocation process.
  • Note that for Relocation Management Companies (RMC) and Destination Service Providers (DSP), BiCortex has extensive experience delivering language and cross-cultural training in multiple formats.
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The role of the relocation consultant

Relocation consultant search services can answer many of the questions and issues that arise when moving to another country, such as:

  • Compliance issues
  • Visa processing
  • Social security questions
  • Expatriate queries
  • Relocating and moving
  • Forming a company

Our Relocation Consultant Search Services are also a valuable resource to have on hand with any extra tasks involved with moving to a new country. The consultants can further assist in any of the following tasks:

  • Assessing international and national relocations
  • Determining the costs of the relocation
  • Managing external companies related to the relocation
  • Securing residence and school/childcare for the client’s family
  • Explaining domestic vs. commercial relocating requirements
  • Tracking the move’s constituent parts and preparing weekly status reports for the client
  • Coordinating with other consultants to optimize the service provided
  • Negotiating with landlords, agents and suppliers to secure the best deals

Our professional BiCortex Translations Services can assist you on many fronts, including meeting the requirements for apostilles and legalisation for any country according to mandated procedures. We can also assist clients in procuring new documents if they no longer have the original documents.

Relocation consultant search services: local expertise, international quality

Once the right person or team has been selected, relocation consultants are there to help you from Day 1 of the relocation process with:

  • Area tours and home finding
  • Real estate marketing and rental assistance
  • Home sale assistance
  • Household and property management
  • Travel accommodation and temporary living
  • Apostille and Legalisation of Documents

In addition, Relocation Consultants can help with an entire family’s relocation needs and concerns:

  • Mortgage assistance
  • Spousal relocation assistance
  • Settling-in services
  • Language training for spouses and children
  • Intercultural training
  • School search and enrolment
  • Assignment management