Language Training for Spouses

A successful relocation process helps the whole family to integrate into a new environment without experiencing major culture shock.

BiCortex enhances the international relocation process for families

BiCortex can readily offer its expert service in language training for international relocation for spouses and children. Language training for spouses can occur in-person at a physical school, or in online individual or virtual group language classes. Whatever the format, BiCortex can accommodate the student’s specific learning goals and objectives.

BiCortex optimises the international relocation process for personal, family and business success.

Popular language training requests for spouses include:

  • Job search coaching and interview preparation
  • In-school group instruction
  • Conversational training for daily activities
  • Test and official certification training

If the desired language is different to the local language, then alternative arrangements can always be made. BiCortex can even enrol the student in a physical language school whose location, focus, and quality are best suited for him or her, should this be desired. And if another family member might benefit more from language training then packages of hours may be reallocated, subject to approval.

Experienced in Working with Lump Sum Relocation Programs

BiCortex takes a flexible approach to working with an assignee’s lump sum relocation package. When employers offer an employee a budget to assist with housing, moving and language training, BiCortex is ready to leverage those benefits for the client and the company’s best interests. This applies to all aspects of a relocation package and language training: budget, timeline, and learning preference.

For example, if a client’s budget and schedule are more conducive to cost-effective online group training instead of one-to-one in-person language learning, then BiCortex can facilitate that transition. BiCortex runs online language classes for individuals and for groups of up to eight students from around the world. For each language class, BiCortex matches students at the same fluency level with qualified instructors.

Language and intercultural training in your own time

BiCortex is an international company with a global roster of language instructors. We are ready to accommodate our client’s schedules. Lessons can take place at your most convenient time: mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even on weekends. BiCortex works with an assignee and their family’s preferences for a training schedule at no additional fee.

BiCortex guarantees thorough instruction, whether virtual or in-person, with the goal of developing the ability to speak, read, write, and listen in another language to your satisfied level of fluency. Language instruction and the learning materials used can be further refined to focus more on a particular skill over others.

All forms of language instruction include a cultural learning component as part of the lessons. Cultural knowledge and awareness of societal differences is also important for language fluency. Knowing what to expect when relocating to a new location can ease the moving process, improve student confidence, and increase learning motivation.

Language Instruction Delivery Options:

  • Pre-Departure (on-site)

Highly recommended for assignees before relocation. Language training with an experienced instructor in a desired language. Can be done at home, office, or a third location.

  • Post-Arrival (on-site)

Language training done in-person at home, office, or third location after relocation. 

  • Combination Pre-Departure/Post-Arrival

Highly recommended and thorough form of language training both prior to and after relocation.

  • Onward To (for third country moves)

One of BiCortex’s specialties. Face-to-face or virtual language training for moves to a third country. Face-to-face training can be done on-site or online with experienced trainers.

  • Group Lessons

Language training in a group setting, with small groups of five or fewer students to make the learning experience personal, productive, and focused.

  • Webinar Training Options

BiCortex-facilitated webinars for larger groups and refresher courses for multiple employees. These webinars are tailored towards the audience’s needs and are fully designed and customized for the customer’s goals.

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