Language Training for Assignees

We have worked with over 300 corporations, providing language training for assignees. Overcome the language barrier with BiCortex Languages.

Language training for assignees is essential for a successful relocation

When you relocate for work, learning the local language is essential in enabling you to feel at home in your new country. This doesn’t just apply to the individual who has relocated to a new country for work: it is also important that their family learns the language, too. One of the main reasons that relocations fail is due to the expatriate’s family not adapting to the local culture. It is so much easier to socialize, make friends, and engage in activities such as visiting the theatre or the cinema or just ordering food in a restaurant if you can speak the same language as everyone else.

As part of a relocation package, BiCortex provides both language training for assignees and cross-cultural training. Lessons are provided for expatriates and their spouses, partners and children – relocation assistance should be for everyone if it is to be successful. That way, children will be able to adapt to a new school, where lessons may be taught in a language different to their native tongue. Spouses and partners will find making friends and finding new work a total breeze, too!

Our delivery options of language training for assignees

  • Pre-Departure (on-site before relocation)
  • Post-Arrival (on-site abroad after relocation)
  • Combination of both Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival
  • Onward To (on-site abroad, either pre-departure or post-arrival, for third country moves)
  • Group Lessons
  • Webinar Training
multitude of teaching methods

BiCortex offers a multitude of teaching methods to you:

  • Face-to-face (in-company, in-home, or neutral location)
  • Virtual trainer (instructor-led lessons)
  • Online/Self-Paced Led (via Babbel)
  • BiCortex LCMS (our state of art Learning Content Management System)
  • Blended language training (combining 2 or forms of teaching together)

How does BiCortex work?

Once you get in contact with BiCortex, we will match you with a language teacher within 5 working days. Do not hesitate to explain any additional needs that you or your family may have, and make sure to take advantage of the full range of our relocation packages, which go far beyond language lessons for beginners. We listen carefully to your needs to ensure that we allocate the perfect teacher for you. You can rest assured that all of our teachers meet our stringent standards when it comes to quality and professionalism. The trainers at BiCortex are:

  • Fully qualified
  • Professional
  • Able to tailor classes to suit the learner’s learning style
  • Flexible with timings and cancellations
  • Able to teach in a location that best suits the learner
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Corporate Customers

Which languages does BiCortex teach?

Make the most of relocating with a wide range of relocation services

When done right, the benefits definitely outweigh the challenges of relocating. BiCortex, together with our partners, provides a full relocation package that goes above and beyond language learning to ensure that expats and their families experience the benefits of relocation to the full. Some of the Relocation Services we can offer are:

  • Intercultural Training (Cross-cultural Training):
    Enables expatriates to adapt to a completely new culture, combining their evolving knowledge of a new language with knowledge about the various customs and expectations of their new country.
  • Home Search Service:
    This service is designed to help expatriates find the perfect place to live and to help them to navigate the whole process.
  • School Search Service:
    With this service the expats with school-aged children can ensure that their child’s education is not interrupted by the move abroad and help in understanding catchment systems for local schools.
  • Welcome Package:
    To help expats to feel welcome in a new country, BiCortex provides a brilliant welcome package, which includes orientation tours around the local area, and all kinds of local assistance (everything from answering questions about how to deal with landlords, to pointing out great places to eat, drink and shop).
  • Spousal Assistance:
    To help spouses get into a routine, socialize, find work and live a fun and fulfilling life away from their native land!

BiCortex Languages believes that relocation can be one of the best experiences in your life!

Expatriates sometimes find relocating a daunting experience, but it does not need to be at all. Common hurdles that can make relocation seem difficult include: learning the local language, finding out how and where to socialise, making friends, keeping kids happy in a new school and understanding and adapting to a new culture.

These things can be difficult if you attempt to do them alone. However, with BiCortex’s relocation assistance, the whole process of discovering a new culture, meeting new people, finding a new home and learning a new language will be positively enjoyable.

Studies have shown that learning a second language boosts your brainpower, whilst contact with a new culture is great for enhancing your enjoyment of life. Just think of all of the new films, TV shows, songs, books and plays that you will be able to enjoy after your lessons. And, of course, learning another language really makes you feel at home in a new place: even a beginner’s level means that you can interact in a friendly way with locals and integrate into the community.

After your very first lesson with BiCortex you will find that your cultural and linguistic horizons have begun to expand further, so come join us!