Cross-Cultural Training

Living in the 21st century, no matter where we are physically located, we are all citizens of one world - thanks to the advance of the Internet and other constantly evolving technologies.

Cross-cultural training - BiCortex Cultural Competency training

As open and tolerant as we may be, when we find ourselves in a completely new environment, not only language-wise but also culture-wise, we need help to acclimatise. The BiCortex Cultural Competency (cross-cultural training or intercultural training) is an in-depth, highly structured approach. We focus on increasing the knowledge and skills one requires to adjust to a new culture through cross-cultural training.

It involves the professional training of employees focusing on the cultural differences between the country of origin and the host country. This includes sensitivity to different backgrounds and religions.

Our well-designed cultural competency training improves many aspects of your interactions:

  • Your international meetings
  • International communications (both face-to-face and technology-based)
  • Exchange and implementation of your ideas and actions
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BiCortex is there for you to face any challenge by understanding and finding the best solutions to assist your company and fulfil your requirements.

Cross-cultural training is provided not only for expats in-company, but also for their spouses and children in the form of cross-cultural family training. Cultural awareness is complementary to our language training programmes.

Why Bicortex Languages?

We provide worldwide capabilities in terms of locations and delivery method (face-to-face or virtual). Our cadre of excellent qualified trainers tailor the course content to meet the expatriate and family’s needs.

BiCortex Languages Online Language Lessons

We are flexible to provide trainers, methodology, schedule, delivery method and 24/7 support adapted to the specific needs of each student and each customer

BiCortex Languages Language Learning

All our customers and their clients have access to our platform, used to share real-time information and email notifications about milestones of each training in real time