Online one-to-one lessons

BiCortex offers online one-to-one lessons with a live teacher to deliver virtual-led teaching directly to you at home, at work or whilst you travel!

BiCortex proudly presents you online one-to-one language lessons

Online learning is one of the most efficient ways to learn a new language. Bicortex’s online one-to-one language courses offer engaging and instructor-led lessons to build student language fluency in a convenient, efficient, and comprehensive manner.

As a student you will practice with a qualified and experienced native-speaking teacher and receive immediate personal feedback. With professional guidance and real-time instruction, there is no faster way to gain fluency in your desired language.

If you prefer to learn and make friends at the same time, why not consider our online group lessons.

What languages does BiCortex teach?

BiCortex virtual teachers are versed in delivering high quality online one-to-one lessons. From our teachers you can expect:

  • Reliable internet for uninterrupted class time and an updated desktop for optimal video and sound quality
  • Multiple years of successful online teaching experience and expertise
  • Digital literacy and relevant materials for every student’s learning style
  • An engaging, upbeat and inclusive teaching manner
  • A pleasant, clean and tidy teaching space and background
  • Ability to troubleshoot technical problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently

Need a quote for one-to-one language classes online?

How does BiCortex work?

Regardless of the virtual lessons platform, our skilled language teachers deliver virtual-led classes and are able to share digital materials, display the whiteboard as a visual aid and share other content such as video/voice clips, interactive activities, etc.

After the first class simply confirm the package that you want and make your payment. We are able to accept payments in EUR, USD, GBP and BRL. Payments are usually by bank transfer, but we also accept PayPal and credit card payments, please ask for more details.

  • Native fluency and academic accreditation
  • Professional and organised
  • Able to tailor classes to suit the learner’s learning style and individual goals
  • Flexible with timings, cancellations and study breaks
  • Access to past classes and notes at any time
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I absolutely loved her class. It was well thought out and engaging. Probably my favorite French class I have ever done.

Sarah W., an American learning French in BiCortex virtual platform