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BiCortex Languages has over 100,000 highly qualified teachers worldwide!

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BiCortex has thousands of qualified and experienced language teachers worldwide. We have both face-to-face teachers and the best online language tutors available in the market. 

Our teachers are skilled at creating courses personalised to the needs of individual students. This may range from business language or conversation for daily life to preparation for an official exam and more. They work with print and digital textbooks, as well as real life materials such as newspapers and magazines. 

Our language teachers also make use of their own teaching material according to the level, preferences and objectives of each student. We carry out background checks, lesson and technology demos, onboarding training and lesson observations and our team of pedagogues is on hand to provide ongoing support whenever needed.

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Teacher Profiles

Teachers have a profound impact on each of us. Excluding parents or guardians, they are probably the most influential figures of our childhood, guiding and inspiring development for the years ahead. At Bicortex Languages, we understand just how important the role our teachers play. As such we ensure that our team includes only the best qualified, and experienced native professionals who are committed to making every lesson an engaging and exciting experience for you. BiCortex works with thousands of teachers, click on the names below to read about the background and teaching styles of just a few:

Nelly Cruz

Cuautla, Mexico

Our Teachers - Mochamad Iqbal Muchtar

Mochamad Iqbal Muchar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Our Teachers - Alfred Mtawali

Alfred Mtawali

Nairobi, Kenya

Our Teachers - Gogo Zhengyan

Gogo Zhengyang
Shangai, China

Britta Crockett

Britta Crockett 
Bologna, Italy

Viktoria Tengelin

Viktoria Tengelin
Gothenburg, Sweden

Our teachers - Conny van Sluijs

Conny van Sluijs
The Hague, The Netherlands

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Five Facts about the teachers at BiCortex

  • Professional teachers
  • Highly Qualified teachers
  • Available 24/7, all year round
  • Flexible with timings and cancellations
  • Best teaching methods that are matched to your goal and learning preference

Our teachers are seasoned professionals who are experienced in our Educational System. BiCortex Languages has a rigorous hiring system where we focus on quality, efficiency and proven past success.

BiCortex Languages Online Language Lessons

The teaching curriculum and teaching style is matched to the student’s goals and learning preferences. We adapt the lessons based on your individual goals and the feedback provided.

BiCortex Languages Language Learning

BiCortex’s team is very  flexible. We work with any language, any time. We operate 365 days per year. Any request or to provide support is always answered quickly and efficiently.