Meaning of BiCortex

The name BiCortex comes from the words Bilingualism and Cortex, but why exactly these two phenomena?

Many of our customers asked us about the meaning of BiCortex. As a language company, we are passionate about helping every single student become the best they possibly can in a new language.

Our belief is that, with the right conditions, everyone has the potential to significantly improve their language skills. Our hope is that as a result of our language offers, many of our students will even become bilingual (or multilingual).

Meaning of BiCortex: bilingualism + cortex Bilingualism

Bilingualism and language learning generally has a host of benefits. These include professional advancement, cultural integration and insight into another way of seeing the world.

But crucially, studies have also shown that bilingual people may even have a greater potential for empathy. This increases brain capacity, bilingualism has long-term health benefits such as delaying the onset of dementia. In other words, language learning is a great workout for the mind!


The Cortex is the largest part of our brains and it has a number of functions including the processing of memory, thought and information. If you are reading, listening or speaking then you will be engaging different regions of the cortex including the visual, sensory and motor cortex.

A lot is still unknown about this critical part of the human body, but what is clear is that the different areas of the brain work in a coordinated fashion. We think this notion of a sophisticated and integrated network is a great metaphor for optimum language acquisition. We offer excellent teachers, state-of-the-art technology and quality material. However, our students will only achieve the best results with the investment of time, commitment and enthusiasm.

Dare. Learn. Improve.

When all these ingredients are in place, when the student dares to take a risk, then they will find that they learn and improve. They will be well on the way to bi- or multilingualism and to flexing that Cortex.

We hope this fully explains the meaning of BiCortex.