Polish lessons

What are the best ways to learn Polish?

Polish conversation lessons

Polish, which is spoken by 50 million people worldwide, can be learnt effectively in groups or in one-on-one conversation lessons. Focusing on your speaking enhances your ability to think spontaneously and communicate in a meaningful way. It also helps with pronunciation and memory recall, reinforcing what you have learnt.

Learn the grammar

As with other Slavic languages, there are some challenging aspects of Polish grammar, such as its case system and use of modifiers. However, with the assistance of a native Polish teacher, you can both study the grammar in detail and learn it in context via conversation, video, literature and articles.

Practice everyday

As with any subject, inserting Polish learning into your everyday routine will establish it as a habit. Learning the language regularly, without large gaps in between each session with your Polish teacher, will lead to you acquiring the language in an impressive amount of time. Accompanying your Polish online or in-person lessons with television series, podcasts etc, will also be conducive to significant improvements in the language.

Why should I take Polish lessons?

Learn more about Polish culture

Poland, with its beautiful cities, stately castles, beaches and amber jewellery, boasts a rich culture, reflecting the country’s thousand-year history. Poland is also home to some unusual, unique attractions, such as the Living Museum of Gingerbread, the Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Crooked Forest. In Krakow, Poland’s capital, a visit to the Old Town will show you magnificent gothic buildings and quaint cobblestone streets.

It will help you with other languages

Belonging to the west Slavic group of the Indo-European language family, Polish is similar to other Slavic languages, including Russian. Its use of the Latin alphabet renders it an easier language to learn, especially in the beginning stages. Given Polish history, Polish vocabulary has also been influenced by not only Russian, but German, English and Latin. Start your polish course online or face-to-face asap with BiCortex!