Learn Spanish

Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages across the world. BiCortex Languages offers Spanish classes, online courses, group lessons, and much more.

Learning Spanish Online

Learn to speak, read, and write one of the most popular languages in the world! BiCortex Languages offers Spanish online lessons for adults to learn Spanish in a fun, supportive, and engaging environment. Students in BiCortex Language’s Spanish online lessons can start learning and applying their new knowledge directly to real life with:

  • Live lessons with real-time instructor interaction 
  • Hands-on learning activities that keep you interestedLearn Spanish
  • Cultural enrichment content to broaden the mind 
  • Relevant lessons for real-life situations
  • Flexible schedule options for your time needs

Spanish Online Lessons Options

Group Language Lessons

  • Real-time language lessons in groups of 3-8 students
  • Structured lesson plans for your fluency level
  • Online access to fully downloadable lesson materials
  • Flexible payment options

One-to-One Language Lessons

  • Instructor-led private language lessons 
  • Customized course structured for your learning goals
  • Flexible rescheduling options and responsive outreach
  • Flexible payment options

The Benefits of Spanish Online Lessons

Tap into one of the most popular global languages

With over half a billion speakers worldwide, learning Spanish is a fantastic opportunity to boost your personal and professional opportunities.

Boost your brainpower

Learning a new language has proven benefits for your intelligence, memory, focus, and decision-making ability.

Find the job of your dreams

If you do not speak Spanish, you will be even more limited in your job opportunities. In the United States, Spanish is often not only considered an advantage, but a requirement for many positions. Lawyers, doctors, social workers, teachers, bankers, sales professionals, law enforcement professionals and customer service representatives are just some of the jobs that increasingly ask for fluent Spanish speakers.

Cultural Explorations

Speaking Spanish allows you to visit a whole host of culturally fascinating countries. Whether its gazing at the Iguazu falls in Argentina, munching your way through tapas and sangria in Spain or sipping margaritas on a sun-kissed Mexican beach, speaking Spanish will allow you to have incredible travel experiences, devoid of the problems that often come when you do not speak the language of the locals.

Become more adaptable

Speaking more than one language makes you a more creative, confident, and skilled communicator.

Over 580 million speakers

You can hear Spanish all the way around the world, including in South America, North America, Europe and Africa. In the United States, where there are 33 million Spanish speakers, fluency in the language is increasingly considered a requirement for many forms of employment. This includes lawyers, doctors, nurses and law enforcement professionals. Taking Spanish classes is definitely a good investment.

Spanish is not difficult

If you have never learnt a second language before, and are daunted by the prospect, Spanish is a great language to start with. A phonetic language, Spanish is spoken as it is written. If you do speak other languages, especially romance languages like Italian or Portuguese, your acquisition of the language will be even faster. Spanish also has similarities with English, including in its sentence structure, vocabulary, use of the progressive tense and use of the Roman alphabet.

Discover Spanish and Hispanic culture

There are a great number of Spanish speaking countries that offer tourists a wealth of cultural attractions. In Spain, Gaudi’s modernism imbues Barcelona’s colourful streets. In Peru, Machu Picchu stands as a relic of the former Inca Empire. Popular with backpacking tourists, traveling through South America demands Spanish proficiency.

How should I learn Spanish?

Start your Spanish language classes today, not tomorrow

Your Spanish learning does not have to start with the pluperfect subjunctive. Setting realistic goals for yourself, beginning with the basics, and taking the first step towards learning the language will seem far more inviting. Follow your instinct.

Study everyday

Spanish lessons with BiCortex are conducted with native speakers. You will thus be exposed to the language in its most authentic form from the onset. Nevertheless, learning outside of the lessons will ensure faster progress. Start by investigating the podcasts or poets which most interest you.

Create a routine

Intensive Spanish language classes are often appealing. With our lifestyles becoming increasingly busy, many want to learn Spanish in the most efficient way possible. However, for sustained improvements in Spanish, it is best to incorporate Spanish learning into your daily routine. Finally, online Spanish lessons, which are conducted via a virtual classroom, are an excellent way to make lessons convenient for your schedule. Don’t wait to start spanish lessons!

Spanish Online Lessons FAQ’s

What’s the best way to learn Spanish?

Immersing yourself in a new language is the most efficient way to learn Spanish. BiCortex Languages tailors its lessons so that the course material is engaging and relevant to the student. This makes the mind more able to soak up and retain new information.

How long does it take to become fluent in Spanish?

The time it takes to become fluent depends on how much time spent learning. Taking the lessons and vocabulary learned and applying it to your everyday life will help you become fluent in Spanish much more quickly than only practicing during class. BiCortex makes sure that all your language lessons are relevant and can be used in everyday life.

What’s the right type of online Spanish course for me?

The right online Spanish course for you is the one that helps you reach your language learning goals. If you are studying for a Spanish language exam (such as ELE), then private one-to-one language lessons are the best option. Group language lessons are an excellent choice for those looking to practice becoming fluent speakers. BiCortex works with you to find the best learning path.

Does BiCortex Languages offer Spanish online lessons for kids?

Yes! BiCortex Languages offers online Spanish lessons for kids and teens. Students have the option to choose between small group classes of 3-5 students or private one-to-one lessons with a qualified BiCortex instructor experienced in working with school-aged children. Courses stay interesting and fun to maintain attention and interest, and students are grouped into classes by similar ages and fluency levels.

Spanish Lessons Online: What Sets BiCortex Apart

BiCortex Languages offers a premier global language service by providing the best online or in-person language-learning experience. Our thousands of satisfied clients have worked with our roster of over 100,000 instructors teaching over 45 languages and operating out of 89 countries. With BiCortex Languages, you’ll gain immediate access to:

  • Small and private language courses structured around your needs
  • Customized lessons from trained and accredited instructors
  • Convenient appointment system for your schedule
  • Online educational databases for quick access to course materials 
  • Prompt and courteous customer service for your questions or concerns