Portuguese language

Portuguese language is a beautiful language that can take you to many wonderful places. BiCortex Languages offers Portuguese classes, online courses, group lessons, and much more.

Where is Portuguese spoken?

The Portuguese language is spoken by 223 million native speakers. It is also the 7th most spoken language in the world. Most commonly associated with Portugal and Brazil, it is also spoken in certain African countries, such as Mozambique, Angola, Príncipe, São Tomé, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and Cape Verde.  

Is Portuguese an important language to learn?

Career Prospects

Brazil, which boasts the 8th largest economy in the world and the largest economy in South America, is a market that many companies are keen to tap into. One of the BRICS (the five major emerging markets in the world), Brazil is a country of international importance.

Cognitive Benefits

There have been no proven disadvantages to learning a second language. Instead, adding a new language to your skillset offers a plethora of advantages, notably at the cognitive level. From improving memory, mental agility and logic, learning Portuguese will help you in a host of other areas.

Travel Opportunities

Portugal offers exquisite seafood and, with 1,700 kilometres of coastline, is the ideal spot for warm, sandy beaches. Home to popular tourist sites, Porto and Lisbon, Portugal is a buzzing cultural hub. In Brazil, you can experience the world-famous Carnival, football and long beaches. Whether you are traveling as an expat, or for a relaxing holiday, the Portuguese-speaking countries of the world are sure to surprise and delight.

What are the best ways to learn Portuguese?

Online Lessons

Whether attended individually or in a group, online Portuguese lessons via BiCortex’s bespoke virtual classroom incorporate a range of activities. You can use the online whiteboard and integrated media such as sound and video.

Literature in Portuguese language

Reading books in Portuguese is a highly effective way to improve your Portuguese competency, particularly as it relates to written skills and acquiring new vocabulary. If you are a beginner, books intended for children are ideal as they include simple language and pictures.

Focus on vocabulary

With just a few words or phrases, it can be surprising how easily you can make yourself understood. For many, it works better to focus on learning useful chunks and then learn the grammar later. Flashcards are a great way to test your vocabulary, whether you use the paper version or the various electronic flashcard platforms available online.

Watch Portuguese films

Watching a Portuguese or Brazilian film is an excellent way to improve your language skills. Helping you get used to the sounds of Portuguese and providing an interesting window into the culture of the Portuguese-speaking world, they offer an entertaining means to learn. Moreover, depending on your level, subtitles can be added to assist with comprehension.

Use Flashcards

Your grammar does not have to be perfect if you are able to make yourself understood, and often this can be achieved by just having the right words at your disposal. Using flashcards to test your memory is one way to help vocabulary stick. Portuguese language training with BiCortex also incorporates proven methods to expand the Portuguese words at your fingertips.

How hard is Portuguese language?

It is perhaps commonly known that Portuguese and Spanish are very similar. However, did you know that Portuguese also shares many similarities with other romance languages, such as Italian and French? Do contact us to start your portuguese course!

As a romance language, Portuguese has many words which are similar to Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Latin and also English. It can sometimes be enough to just understand one or two words to understand the general gist of a conversation. Thus, knowing even a fraction of the Portuguese words thanks to the other languages you know will ensure you can already begin to understand the conversations happening around you.