Learning German Online

Learning German online has grown to be one of the most popular things worldwide. The German language is one of the most demanded and our experience has led us to appreciate it as a language.

Learning to speak, read, or write in German is an immensely useful skill for personal and professional growth. BiCortex Languages makes it easier than ever to learn German with its German language course online. When you take your language learning online with BiCortex, you gain the flexibility and options to succeed on your terms:

  • Class options for group, private, and self-paced courses
  • Live and downloadable instruction from our roster of experienced instructors
  • Course plans that fit your schedule
  • Payment plans that suit your wallet
Learning German Online
Learning German Online

Why Should I learn German Online?

Home to 83 million inhabitants, Germany has the highest population in Europe. It also boasts the world’s third largest economy. Well-known for its automotive sector, Germany is home to the headquarters of giants such as BMW, Volkswagen and Audi.

Furthermore, German’s most valuable brands, which have a combined value of €263 billion, outperform their peers in the UK and France. A wide range of lucrative job opportunities are awaiting if you learn the German language. It perhaps comes as no surprise that Germany should be home to such innovative and successful companies given its reputation in the Research and Development sector.

German is the second most commonly used scientific language. German is also an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. It is also one of the official languages of the European Union.

Choose Your German Online Lessons Path

Group Language Lessons

  • Live language lessons in groups of 3-8 students
  • Structured lesson plans for beginner and advanced students alike
  • Access to all fully downloadable course materials

One-to-One Language Lessons

  • Private language lessons with a BiCortex instructor
  • Customized course structured around your learning goals
  • Flexible rescheduling options and responsive outreach

Self-Paced Language Course

  • Choose between BiCortex’s or Babbel’s learning platform
  • Bite-sized, 10–15-minute lessons on a wide range of topics
  • Speech-recognition technology to provide fast and accurate feedback
German Lessons Online
German Lessons Online
Learn German Online
Learn German Online

What is the best way to learn the German language?

Whether you choose to have online or in-person German lessons, your BiCortex teacher will work with you to ensure you learn the German language effectively, whilst at the same time enjoying the process. Conducted by native German speakers, lessons cover grammar, speaking, listening and writing. Opting for private German lessons allows you to move at your own individual pace. Your tutor will also work with you to establish your learning goals and objectives so that you can track your progress and have something to work towards.

Learning the German grammar

German grammar – with its cases, as well as its female, male and neuter nouns – can be challenging. Rest assured, however, that even native German speakers make mistakes. The important thing is to practice communicating. Those who you converse with will appreciate the effort you are making and will themselves do their best to try and understand the information you are attempting to convey. BiCortex tutors will also give you exemplary German grammar instruction so that you can get to grips with even the most complicated aspects of the language.

In-person German language classes

We are increasingly accustomed to using technology for most of our needs. Nevertheless, there is little that replaces the human connections we establish when we meet people face-to-face. BiCortex offers in-person classes for those who feel more at ease meeting with a teacher and studying in a classroom.

Memorise vocabulary

Using mnemonics, songs, quizzes and general repetition, BiCortex German lessons include a variety of methods to help commit German vocabulary to memory. Learning a new language or increasing your fluency can be a big challenge. We take the stress off taking German lessons online by: 

Immersing you in the language

Your instructor will help you feel comfortable and excited to learn to speak German by creating an immersive and fun experience that makes learning German online fun.

german lessons
german lessons

German Online Lessons FAQ’s

Why should I learn German online?

German is one of the world’s most spoken languages. It is also one of the most important languages used for business, academics, and research. Learning German can open doors for you and make you a more valuable candidate for job opportunities and education positions. 

What’s the best way to learn German online?

The best method to learn German online is the one that keeps you motivated and consistently practicing. Group classes are an excellent way to have multiple partners for practice.

How long will it take me to become fluent in German?

The time it takes to become fluent in German will depend on how much time you practice. That’s why you always have the option to set your course schedule so that you can learn at the pace you want. You’ll receive quality teaching and effective lessons at whatever pace you take.

Would I learn faster in a group class, or in one-on-one lessons?

That depends on your goals for learning German. Practicing with a group is a fantastic way to become fluent in speaking German. One-on-one lessons can help you focus on preparing for specific exam goals (such as Goethe) or learning German for a business setting. There is a right form of instruction for whatever your needs are.

How lesson plans are designed:

Our team of experts work with your employees to formulate the most appropriate materials:

  • Prior to the first lesson, one of our language operations coordinators identifies the student’s self-reported learning goals and preferences
  • An instructor with the appropriate background is assigned and a mini biography is forwarded to the student
  • During the first lesson, the student fills out an intake form to outline their learning expectations with the instructor
  • Then the instructor gauges the student’s language proficiency level in their goal language
  • The instructor prepares a comprehensive training schedule that features the most appropriate and engaging learning materials (with special consideration for dialects and areas of focus)
  • The selected texts and additional materials are then brought directly to the student.

German Lessons Online: What Sets BiCortex Apart

BiCortex Languages is a premier global language service with a roster of over 100,000 experienced and trained instructors teaching over 45 languages in 89 countries. We take pride in providing the best language-learning experience for our thousands of satisfied clients. That comes from creating and hosting the best language learning experience for you:

  • Small and private language courses structured around your needs
  • Customized lessons from trained and accredited instructors
  • Convenient appointment system for your schedule
  • Online educational resources to enhance and extend your learning experience 
  • Prompt and courteous customer service for your questions or concerns