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The French language is one of our favourite languages. To learn French means acquiring one of the most valuable skills for personal and professional development. And it’s never been easier to learn to speak French with BiCortex Language’s French language course online. At BiCortex , we make French online language lessons fun and effective by:

Learn French online with BiCortex Languages.  We offer French classes, online courses, group lessons, and much more. So, read on below and find out more about learning the French language.

Learn French Online

Learn French online

The French language is the second most widely spoken language after English, with 300 million speakers worldwide. If you know other romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian, French will also be an easy language for you to acquire. English also has many similarities with French, having borrowed approximately 7,000 words from the language. Offering French lessons at all levels from beginner to advanced, BiCortex will ensure you are placed in the best course adapted to your ability.

Associated with food, art, philosophy and love, French allows you to explore a rich culture. Moreover, France’s successful economy promises a wealth of job opportunities.

The best way to learn French online

BiCortex understands that your motivations for learning French may vary. Whether you are learning for business, because you are relocating to France or because you simply want to gain another skill, BiCortex offers online and in-person French courses suited to your individual needs.

Some of our proven methods for the most effective French learning include:

  • Taking lessons with a qualified speaker. In this way, you will learn the most authentic French possible, whilst also getting first-hand insight into French culture. Knowing all the intricacies of the language, your French tutor will be able to ensure you are speaking with the best possible pronunciation and with the least possible errors.
  • Having group French sessions is ideal if you enjoy learning with others. If you are nervous about starting a new language, group online or in-person sessions may make you feel that less scrutiny is placed on your performance.
Learn French
  • BiCortex has a plethora of courses to choose from for you to select a course that fits best with your schedule. In this way, it is easy to establish a language-learning routine that allows you to learn French regularly.
  • Using the online classroom, BiCortex incorporates many different media into French lessons, such as videos and songs. BiCortex tutors are also able to suggest resources you can consult in your own time. Practising the language as much as possible outside of the lessons (for instance by listening to an interesting podcast, reading a book or using a language app) will ensure you progress quickly.
  • Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are an inevitable part of learning a language and we learn from them. Your efforts at trying to speak the language will be applauded, whether or not you speak perfectly.


French learning online

Online lessons, using BiCortex’s virtual classroom, are ideal if you have limited time. With just a few clicks, you are already where you need to be for the lesson. While we recommend choosing a place that is comfortable and devoid of distractions, you can learn French from any location that has an internet connection.

  • Live language lessons in groups of 3-8 students
  • Structured lesson plans for beginner to advanced students alike
  • Access to all fully downloadable course materials
  • The right price option for you
French Lessons

Face to face French classes 

We are increasingly spending time in front of the screen in our own homes. Face-to-face classes offer the possibility to learn in a new environment. Some also feel more relaxed and develop a better rapport with their teacher if they are able to have in-person French lessons.


Business online French classes

Business courses are conducted by teachers who have expert knowledge on business lexicon. While you may be able to order a coffee in France, you may struggle to deliver a presentation, or understand how to discuss something more technical.

French Lessons

Individual French classes

Individual French lessons can be adapted to your specific needs. While some prefer a more conversational approach, others prefer to focus on grammar or a mixture of the two. Individual lessons also work well with younger learners as they ensure focus is maintained and that your child is given the teacher’s full attention.

  • Private language lessons with a BiCortex instructor
  • Customised course structured around your learning goals
  • Flexible rescheduling options and responsive outreach
  • The right price option for you

What Are the Benefits of BiCortex Language’s French Lessons Online?

When you learn a new language with BiCortex Languages, you are learning from the best. Our proven French online lessons can bring lasting and positive changes inside and out of the classroom:

  • Boost your brainpower

Learning a new language is one of the most effective ways to increase cognitive functions and intelligence, including memory, abstract thinking, focus, and communication.

  • Become culturally sophisticated

Awareness and appreciation for other cultures make for a more flexible, empathetic, and charismatic mind.

  • Increase life opportunities

Multilingual people are much more desirable prospects for professional and academic opportunities.

Learn French
Learning French Online

Top FAQs about learning French online

There are many different online languages schools available for learning French online. However, BiCortex Languages stand to be one of the best, with premier qualified French tutors that will effectively teach you reading, writing, and listening skills in no time!

Yes, you can learn French online on your own. However, it’s important to note that having online native French language tutors will significantly help you and improve your progress.
Fortunately, yes. you can learn French online. BiCortex Languages is one of the best online French tutoring websites available.
Consistency and the right approach to learning help build language fluency quickly and efficiently. The best way to learn French is to find the right learning setting that motivates you to practice French, attend classes, and apply lessons to your regular life. Regular practice and the right motivation to learn makes learning more fun and encourages immersion in a new language.

How long will it take me to learn to speak French?

The time that it takes to become a fluent French speaker depends on the time spent learning to speak French. Taking French language courses online means that you don’t have to spend extra time commuting to a new location or struggle to find the willpower to attend classes. Online classes mean that all you need to do is log in from wherever you wish to learn and begin

Does BiCortex offer French language courses online for kids, too?

Yes! BiCortex offers French language lessons online for teens and children ages 4+. Students can choose between small online classes of 3-5 people or private one-to-one lessons with a certified instructor. Students are grouped by age and language experience level so that they are engaged and learn together. 

French Lessons Online: What Makes BiCortex Different

BiCortex Languages is a premier language service with a global roster of experienced and trained instructors. With over 100,000 teachers operating out of 89 countries and teaching 47 languages, we take pride in providing the best experience for our language-learning clients. And that means that we create and host the best language learning experience for you:

  • Small or private language classes structured around your language goals
  • Experienced and accredited instructors to provide customised lessons
  • Flexible appointment-making for your schedule
  • Access to online educational resources to enhance and extend the learning experience 
  • Prompt and courteous customer service for any questions or concerns