The Dutch language

Dutch language will serve you well for business purposes, or leisure. BiCortex Languages offers Dutch classes, online courses, group lessons, and much more.

How many people speak the Dutch language?

There are over 23 million native speakers of Dutch, which is a national language in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. The Dutch language is also a popular second language in Germany, France and Eastern Europe.

Why should I learn Dutch?

Learn about Dutch culture

Dutch culture is rich and interesting. It is no surprise that the Netherlands’ capital city, Amsterdam, is home to over 50 world-renowned museums. There are 19 million tourists every year. In the 17th century, the Netherlands experienced a Golden Age, when trade, science, the arts and the military flourished. The Netherlands has also long had the reputation as being the centre of liberalism and tolerance, welcoming all nationalities.

Improve your job prospects

Amsterdam is a dynamic, international city. One of Europe’s fastest growing regions, Amsterdam has grown every year since 2013, and is home to an impressive number of international businesses. In 2019 alone, close to 200 international businesses made the city their new home. The arrival and expansion of these foreign companies are set to create thousands of positions over the next few years.

Similarities to other languages

Dutch is considered one of English’s closest cousins. Dutch and English also both belong to the West Germanic linguistic family, which also includes German.

What is the best way to learn the Dutch language?

Use the internet

The internet has rendered Dutch learning easy and convenient. Through the use of an online classroom, such as that which BiCortex provides, you can learn the language anywhere that the internet is available. Using apps or Dutch language newspapers are also sure to help you, allowing you to practice what you have been learning with your BiCortex Dutch tutor.

Read Dutch books

If you already speak German or English, it is likely that you will understand some degree of Dutch due to the languages’ many cognates. Thus, you will be able to understand some parts of Dutch books. Reading helps to improve your vocabulary, grammar and written Dutch.

Individual Dutch language lessons

With a private Dutch tutor, lessons are personalised. Whether you are learning Dutch for business, or simply to settle into a Dutch-speaking country and integrate with the locals, lessons are built around your individual requirements. Lessons will move forward at the pace which works best for you, focusing on the skill you believe needs the most attention.