Korean classes

Is Korean a useful language?

77 million native speakers

Korean is spoken by a significantly large number of people. There are more native Korean speakers, in fact, than there are French. Although English is a language learnt by Koreans at school, it is by no means a language that is spoken fluently. Thus, if you want to communicate with Koreans, speaking their native language will be necessary. Taking Korean classes is a good start.

Korean culture

Seoul, South Korea’s capital, is known as the city of palaces. Five ancient imperial sites are located there. Modern touches can also be seen in the cosmopolitan, technologically-advanced capital, such as the N Seoul Tower. Known for its delicious food, Korea has had little difficulty in exporting its cuisine, although tasting an authentic dish in the country itself is a must.

Technological Innovations

Samsung, the technological giant that manufactures everything from washing machines to mobile phones, originated from South Korea and is headquartered there. The South Korean economy has grown considerably in the last decades and is predicted to be among the world’s top eight economies by 2032.

How should I start learning Korean?

Learn the alphabet

Hangul, the name for the Korean alphabet, has been used since the Joseon Dynasty in the 15th century. Reflecting every human sound, the alphabet (which consists of fourteen consonants and ten vowels) is considered to be the most scientific alphabet in the world. By learning Hangul in your classes, you will be able to begin reading in Korean, helping your progression in the language.

Listen to Korean music

Korean pop music (also known as K-pop) enjoys worldwide popularity. The young boy band, BTS, and the girl band, Blackpink have achieved international success. Listening to music is a fun, not to mention effective, way to learn a new language.

Focus on vocabulary

Creating and then achieving the vocabulary goals you set for yourself will help you stay motivated. Words can go a long way in conveying meaning, even if the grammar is not perfect, so they are an excellent way to start having conversations, even as a beginner.