Japanese lessons

Should I learn Japanese?

Learn more about Japanese culture

Although Japan maintains many thousand-year-old traditions, Japanese culture (which is highly diverse) embraces innovation and progress, especially in the design and technology fields. By taking Japanese lessons, you can also dive into the world of martial arts, anime and fashion.

Global job opportunities

The Japanese economy is among the top three economies in the world, outperforming both Germany and the United Kingdom. With 128 million native speakers, the Japanese market provides a wide customer base. Learning Japanese is thus essential, especially  if global success features among your aspirations. With BiCortex, Japanese lessons will focus not only on the language, but on cultural awareness, helping you to avoid committing any business faux pas.

Become a polyglot

Learning Japanese is an excellent way to foray into other Asian languages. Japanese is a member of the Japonic languages family, but it has similarities with Asian languages from other linguistic families, notably Korean.

Research and Development

When it comes to technology, Japan is a world-leader. Its advances can be seen in everything from home design to cars. Indeed, Toyota and Mitsubishi are headquartered in the country.  

Is Japanese a hard language?

Simple Grammar

Although word-order in Japanese (which consists of subject-object-verb) differs from that of many Western European languages, there are many features of Japanese grammar that make it a relatively easy language to learn in your lessons. For example, there is no future tense or gendered nouns.

Borrowed words

While learning Japanese will be essential if you want to truly immerse yourself in Japanese culture and industry, the influx of English words and phrases into the language will ensure that, at times, you will be able to understand some of what is being said without recourse to Japanese lessons.

The Alphabet

If you are not accustomed to a logographic language system, such as Chinese, reading Japanese characters may represent an initial challenge, but with practice with a Japanese tutor, you will make fast progress. Kanji, the name for the characters used in the Japanese writing system, derive from Chinese characters, introduced to Japan in the 5th century via Korea. If you can already read Chinese characters, therefore, Japanese characters will be easily understood.