Italian language classes

Italian language is a great language to learn. BiCortex Languages offers Italian classes, online courses, group lessons, and much more.

Learn with a native speaker

Conversing with a native speaker allows you to learn Italian the same way you learnt your own language. You are trying to communicate with others. With BiCortex, Italian conversation classes are tailored to topics that interest you and which provide you with usual words and phrases to use in everyday scenarios. Additionally, scheduling sessions with a personal Italian tutor makes sure you are regularly practicing the language.  

Understand the grammar

From the subjunctive to pronominal verbs, Italian grammar may seem complicated and there are certainly some unique concepts to grasp. However, Italian grammar shares many similarities with that of its other romance counterparts, namely French, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish. Moreover, once you have learnt the rules, there are few exceptions. Once you have learnt the grammar, you are thus equipped with the necessary tools to express yourself in a variety of different ways. BiCortex Italian tutors will take you through Italian grammar, from the basics to the more advanced. Italian grammar exercises will form an important part of your Italian classes.

Take Notes during your Italian language classes

In the BiCortex online classroom, you can save work digitally so that you can easily consult it at any time. In addition, you may want to take your own notes. The act of writing down or typing the information will help you commit it to memory. For visual learners, this is a particularly effective method.

Enjoy yourself

Italian is a popular language to learn because there are few who are not enamoured with Italian culture – from its exquisite food and wine, its impressive geography, fascinating history, unique art and perfect weather. Going to the land of Dante, Da Vinci and Michelangelo to practice what you have learnt in your Italian lessons is a fun process. Indeed, the best way to learn is when you are relaxed, so ordering a gelato on a sun-kissed beach certainly counts as effective language immersion.

Is Italian language easy?

Similarities with other languages

Italian is a romance language and thus shares similar grammar structures and vocabularies to other romance languages such as French and Spanish. Rhythmic and poetic, it is a highly phonetic language, meaning it is spoken the way it is written, making pronunciation and aural comprehension easy. Given the fact that English has also been influenced by Latin-based languages (namely French), there are many Italian words whose meanings can quickly be grasped.

Articles and Prepositions

Many romance languages assign gender to inanimate objects. In Italian, while there are only two possible genders, there are six possible ways of saying ‘the’. It depends on the gender and the way the word is spelt. There are also a wide range of prepositions and variations thereof. Though this may seem challenging, repeatedly hearing articles and prepositions by a native Italian speaker will give you a feel for what sounds correct. Devoting excessive time to memorising all the rules is not necessary. But it helps!

There are many Italian language -learning resources

Tapping into the large numbers of growing Italian language learners, there are a wide variety of resources available to support your online or face-to-face Italian classes with BiCortex. BiCortex teachers are happy to suggest the best videos, books and websites to ensure you can keep practicing your Italian outside of the lessons. Start your italian classes with us now!