Hindi lessons

How should I learn Hindi?

Find a personal Hindi tutor

With the help of a private Hindi tutor, you can learn Hindi (one of India’s official languages) in a way that is best suited to your learning needs. Whether you want to take Hindi lessons to explore your Indian roots and communicate with Indian relatives, or whether you simply want to learn the language of one of the world’s fastest growing economies, BiCortex’s one-on-one or group Hindi classes will be adapted to you.

Watch Bollywood films

With films across all genres, Bollywood films offer something for all tastes. Known for their dramatic storylines, Bollywood films are certain to offer an entertaining means to learn the language.

Take notes

Using an online classroom for your Hindi classes, BiCortex lessons and homework will always be saved digitally. Nevertheless, you may also find it useful to take notes in a separate notebook. Writing down the words and seeing them written on a page will assist with committing them to memory.

Why learn Hindi

Explore India

There are several regional languages in India, including Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali, but Hindi is spoken by the largest number of people in India as a first language. It is thus highly useful if you want to discover everything the country has to offer. From the Taj Mahal to the Elephanta Caves, India is home to 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is easier than you think

Hindi regularly adopts words from other languages. Knowing English, Persian or Arabic, you may find that you can communicate by trying out a few words from your native language. Equally, cognates between Hindi and English exist as the latter has also borrowed from the former. English words with Hindi origins include jungle, cheetah and bungalow.

Learn more languages

Hindi belongs to the Indo-Iranian language family and, therefore, knowing Hindi can assist with acquiring other fascinating languages, such as Sanskrit, Gujarati, Bengali, Nepalese and Urdu.