English language

English language is one of the most important languages, if not the most important one. BiCortex Languages offers English classes, online courses, group lessons, and much more.

Employment benefits

Counting both non-native speakers and native-speakers, the English is the most widely spoken language in the world. As the globe’s lingua franca, it is the often requested by employers to facilitate international business. This is particularly true as English-speaking countries feature amongst the top five strongest economies in the world.

English language for research and development

The vast majority of scientific research is published in English. The United States and the United Kingdom are also home to some of the world’s best universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale. In order to appeal to international students, many universities abroad offer courses in English. Moreover, some of the world’s largest, most innovative tech companies have their headquarters in English-speaking countries. The state of California, for example, is home to 2,000 tech companies, the densest concentration in the world.

The English language makes travel easy

English is the official language of 53 countries. The fact that it is so often acquired as a second language ensures that wherever you go, you can be sure to rely on your English skills. This can help you resolve any problems that arise, whether you are vacationing or living in a new place. Given its universality, English can also help make you friends, irrespective of whether you speak each other’s native language.  

How can I improve my English?

Practice speaking

BiCortex English courses are taught by native English speakers. While they will be able to help you understand the more challenging aspects of English grammar, such as phrasal verbs and sentence structure, lessons can also focus on English conversation. For example, the lesson might involve discussing an article, or your opinions on a particular theme. Students not only find lessons with a native speaker useful for pronunciation and comprehension, but also because it feels the most natural.

Take notes

BiCortex lessons are stored digitally, but you may also find it useful to have a notebook and write down the new words you are discovering. English is in fact the language with the largest number of words – you will be surprised to see how there really is a word for everything!

Have fun while studying English

When we have a language goal in mind, we can often lose sight of how fun it is to learn a new language. BiCortex’s lessons will have plenty of useful content, but will also ensure that they are engaging for the student. BiCortex’s online classroom ensures lessons include a vast array of interactive activities.

Keep practicing

Making language learning a part of your routine will ensure that you are learning regularly and with manageable chunks. The language of Hollywood, there are abundant English films and series which have been produced. Moreover, wherever you are, it will not take long before you hear an English song on the radio. Given the ease with which it is possible to access English media, you will have no difficulty being constantly exposed to the language, so you will have ample opportunity to practice.