How language allows you to make connections in your new country

In most nations, foreigners tend to feel comfortable moving around the world using English only. However, people who travel more often indicate that learning the host country’s language is very helpful as it ensures your travel gains positive connections. You cannot know all the languages that are spoken in the world, but at least you can learn a few. Most people in the world know only one dialect. However, other people have exceptional capabilities for using and understanding several languages. 

Due to development and the rise of people moving to different countries in search of advanced education or for business, nations are motivating their residents to know two or more languages. Language can help you to make connections in the country you’ve moved to. Read on below to understand how knowing a language in a new country can help you!   

Connections You Get In A New Country Through Knowing Their Native Language 

It would not feel very encouraging being in a country where you do not understand what they are saying, yet you have to shop, move from one place to another, do business, and request food in a hotel or restaurant, among other activities. The encounter is entirely different in a new country where you don’t understand much. Below are some of the common connections that one can get just by learning the host country’s native language.

Neighbours and friends 

The first connection you get is being able to relate to the residents. If you do not have a single idea of the native language, you are barred from getting along with the locals and having ideal friendships. For instance, if you only speak English – chances are you will also only get friends who speak English only. 

However, if you hang around with the locals – you will start learning about your new community or area at a much faster rate than you could have.


Knowing the local language makes it easier for you to be accepted in the new community. If you understand the native dialect, it eases the process of knowing other people. If the locals do not know the language of your speech, they will always be hesitant and keep their distance when it comes to you. However, if you know their local language, it becomes smooth for you to speak, analyze aspects in detail and express your feelings well when you talk to other people

Understanding the culture 

Knowing the new language helps you to have a better knowledge of the culture. The universe is an exciting space, and trips will permit you to view and experience other cultures, rituals, heritage, and people’s norms. If you understand the new country’s language, you can connect with their culture, whereby you become part of the traditional festivals and know why they have such celebrations. 

Easily connecting with your new home

The local language helps you to connect easily with the area. You find your way around with minimal challenges. If you get confused, you can ask for directions easily. When lost, you can ask for help from anyone, and you do not have to look for someone who understands your language.

Understanding the language helps you to speak and read quickly. When moving around, you can read posters, signs, warnings, directions, and other writings. 


If you can speak the local language of your new country, you automatically gain freedom or independence. For example, if you hire a car to take you around the country, you may realize they will charge you regular fees if you speak their local language. 

Knowing the language helps you discover shops and cafés that sell things you like, and you will get something you have always desired to buy. Imagine the things you enjoy and the connections you get just by knowing the new country’s language. Learning the dialect before moving to a whole new country is always highly recommended!   

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