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From Malaysia to France

I found BiCortex school while browsing the internet and social media platforms on taking French lessons. I have just moved to France from Malaysia, joining my husband here starting our new life together.

Coming from Malaysia where English is commonly used apart from the local language – Malay, it was hard for me to adapt to the life here as I feel having at least basic French would help me in terms of assimilation and also integration to the country.

French student

Solution: online French lessons

I decided to look for language schools online and due to the pandemic, most of the physical classes in the city had been cancelled. The best option looked online French lessons as it would be more efficient and cost saving in terms of time and money.

I decided to sign up with BiCortex for A1.1 online group French classes and the online registration process was really smooth. Maggie, the Direct Customer Lead from BiCortex was really attentive replying to my queries for the course and also making the online payments.

French teacher

My teacher, Christine is a very good teacher as she takes time to ensure we understand the context of the 90 minutes weekly class and each classmate is given equal time and attention to practise the pronunciation for the lessons. In addition, the instructions for weekly homework / assignment given by Christine was easy to follow and Christine provided samples / examples for ease of understanding.

I really enjoyed the class with various backgrounds and nationalities and Christine bridged the gap very well and made the class vibe light.

Christine always asked what we would like to focus on in the upcoming lessons and I requested for easy dialogues to buy stuff at the shops and markets. After the lesson ended, I managed to speak basic French and I am so delighted that I am able to communicate at the market and shops.

I totally recommend BiCortex if you decide to learn foreign language as the learning platform it provides is an excellent virtual classroom (it is easy to use), the teacher is attentive (fun too) and also it is reasonably priced.

Author: Zafe J. from Paris, France
Image: © Zafe J.

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