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Five Reasons why learn foreign languages

Are you toying with the idea of learning a new language? Besides the world languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, French or even Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese, there are countless other languages you can learn in your free time, e.g. Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Urdu or Javanese.

Now this sounds exhausting at first – and yes, it is. Learning foreign languages is certainly not an easy process, but in the long run, you will realize that it is worth it.

We’ve put together a few reasons to show you how effective learning new languages can be for you and why it’s really worth it.

Reason 1: More fun while traveling

If you know the local language of your vacation country or new host country, or can at least speak it at an entry level, you will get to know the country and its people and their culture much better. You will have the opportunity to leave tourist places and can seek more contact with the locals. You will notice that this creates completely new impressions and that a simple vacation can become a real experience.

Just give it a try and visit a country whose language you already know well.

Reason 2: Fears disappear – self-confidence grows

With new language skills you will not only have more fun traveling, but also automatically increase your self-confidence. Many people have respect, sometimes even fear, of traveling to a foreign country with a foreign language. Do you know this feeling too? With your new language skills you can easily overcome such fears. Just approach locals on your vacation, shop in a supermarket away from tourist areas and you will quickly notice how your nervousness and your fears decrease and at the same time your self-confidence increases. Expand your reach by trying new things. Get involved with the new people in your vacation destination or new home and realize how similar they actually are to you.


Reason 3: Meet new people and make friends – not only abroad

Even in your home country, there will certainly be people who speak a different language. In the end, it doesn’t matter where you use your newly learned language. The fact is, with every new language, you will also meet a variety of new people and possibly even make new friends. Don’t think about it, just do it!

Reason 4: Brain Training

This is an often very underestimated point. By regularly engaging with new words, possibly even characters, grammar and pronunciation, you are doing your brain a huge favor. You are exercising your brain cells and memory by learning a new language. In addition, multilingualism can counteract dementia in retirement. So you’re not only learning, you’re also doing your health a favor when you decide to incorporate a foreign language into your language use.


Reason 5: Better career opportunities

Increasing career opportunities are probably the reasons why most people want to learn new languages. With the right foreign language skills, you will have many opportunities to communicate and negotiate with new business partners from abroad. Every new language offers you countless opportunities to positively influence your career and also makes you appear more confident in your everyday work. In addition, applicants are often chosen who have more language skills than their competitors.

Every new language we learn opens up not only a new culture but a new world and enriches our lives immensely. So don’t hesitate and start learning a new foreign language or refresh the knowledge of a language you have already learned. If you would like to get some tips or take a free placement test in a language of your choice, feel free to browse our blog or take a placement test right now.


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