Language Placement Tests

Because BiCortex develops, refines, and administers these language level placement tests, we can modify and customize them to emphasize the area of focus most important to measure.

Measure and demonstrate your language proficiency level

Language placement tests are exams designed to gauge your level of fluency in a language. BiCortex has created and hosts language level placement tests for individuals, employee groups, and entire departments. Our goal is to give test-takers a clear and accurate evaluation of their language skills. Language placement tests give also companies the ability to test and objectively assess their employees’ language fluency readiness.

Test scores and interpretation can help companies and department heads determine their level of investment in language training for employees. Results can also help to refine the language learning strategy used for higher proficiency in the target language.

Feel free to take of free placement test in the next section. Please note that it takes about 30 minutes to complete the test.

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European Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese


Measure and demonstrate your language proficiency level

BiCortex is able to do a deeper assessment to verify the following areas of language fluency in students:

  • Grammar
  • Written language
  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking and conversation

A BiCortex Proficiency Assessment is composed of three tests:

  1. Online placement test

Taken and completed on BiCortex’s website, this test is useful for group placement by language level.

  1. Written test

Used to test reading and writing comprehension skills, with the test written and corrected by a qualified professional.

  1. Speaking test

A 10-minute phone conversation that evaluates language fluency, pronunciation, and accent.

Each test is scored using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This ensures fair and consistent scoring regardless of the test-taker or grader.

 A report for all of the tests will then be delivered to the designated contact. Each of these tests can be applied to all selected company employees and department members. The individual scores and combined results can be used to better group employees by their language proficiency level.