School tutoring - subjects and languages

Academic support for children is a crucial pillar of success in school.

Make supportive learning a part of your child’s curricular success

Beyond maintaining and improving grades, many students lack the experience of managing classes and assignments. BiCortex hosts school subject tutoring for students seeking supplementary academic support.

With BiCortex’s  school tutoring and our subject experts, students learn to assume greater responsibility for their studies, organize and prioritize tasks and gain the confidence in themselves to exceed their potential.

BiCortex offers school tutoring support in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Literature/Composition
  • History
  • World Languages


Tutoring children
Tutoring can take place online or in-person. We work with both the parent’s and student’s schedules to ensure that all supplementary learning is effective. That way, these tutoring sessions can be spaced out to maximize flexibility and fit into the learning week.

School tutoring and language support for relocation

BiCortex specializes in relocation services for individuals and families. We offer subject tutoring and language lessons for children relocating to a new country. Children of expatriates or children relocating to a new country often face many unique challenges. In addition to learning a second or even third language, they must also begin enrolment in grade schooling in that target language.

For expatriate and relocating parents who want their children to excel regardless of the spoken language, BiCortex is there to assist. Language classes are available for individual and group lessons. All language lessons for children can take place virtually or in-person. Children who have language learning assistance before and after moving to a new country are more likely to adjust to their new home. 

Our language lessons provide wide advantages for children learning a new language beyond language fluency:

  • Focused and customizable lessons
  • Age-appropriate lessons plans
  • Matched with classmates of a similar age and fluency level
  • Cultural competency training
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