Online one-to-one lessons for children

BiCortex offers online one-to-one lessons for children from the age of 4 who want to learn a new language for school, international relocation or for fun. Students are paired with teachers with experience teaching children a second or third language.

Fun, safe and engaging language learning for children

Childhood is the best time for students to become fluent in a second language. Children who learn a second or third language have immense advantages over monolingual speakers. In the digital age, learning a new language has never been easier, more convenient, and more achievable. When it comes to children learning a new language online, BiCortex stands out as a leader in childhood language acquisition with our online classes for children.

What languages BiCortex teach?

BiCortex virtual teachers are versed in online language lessons one-to-one.

The students will be taught using age-appropriate materials and language-learning activities. That way, child learners are always engaged and stimulated at a level that encourages their individual growth.

When children learn to become fluent in a second language, they also develop:

  • Increased intellectual capacity
  • Global perspective and stronger cultural knowledge
  • Greater career and educational opportunities

All of this and more can come from learning a second language. BiCortex is ready and able to facilitate your child’s growth and success.

Children language classes

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What does an online language lesson for children look like?

BiCortex works with its clients’ schedules to provide a convenient and accessible online classroom. Language classes can be taken online using our own virtual classroom, or an alternative if that is the parents preference. Class duration is appropriate to the child ages, meaning the whole lesson is engaging and constructive.

If at any time your child needs the class to be adapted in anyway BiCortex is happy to do so, this could be the schedule, learning activities or learning goals. 

BiCortex utilizes relevant and age-appropriate learning materials and activities to keep students focused and engaged. Language learning lesson topics can include:

  • Grammar content

Language learning can focus on reading and writing comprehension and grammar fluency.

  • Test and exam preparation

Students can study and prepare for school exams and upcoming tests.

  • Audio exercises

Language lessons can emphasize spoken and conversational language.

  • Subject-specific lesson and course plans

Lessons can be for upcoming events such as international relocation.

  • Language games

A fun and entertaining way for young students to explore and build confidence in a new language.

  • Books and stories

Build literacy and multilingual fluency in young children simultaneously.

  • Field trips and real-world demonstrations

Children can see language skills applied in real-world demonstrations like cooking and art classes.

  • Role-play scenarios

 Grow spoken language confidence and comfort by role-playing through diverse conversations

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