Online group lessons for children

BiCortex is pleased to offer online group lessons for children with a live teacher to deliver virtual-led teaching directly to your children and teenagers.

BiCortex proudly presents online group lessons for children

Online groups for children are from 3 to 5 participants in order to optimize every child’s learning. Class duration depends on the age of the children in group and ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, with lessons taking place either once or twice per week and age-appropriate homework is set if requested.

BiCortex offers a range of languages for children, from those looking for additional classes to supplement school lessons, to learning a new language completely, or continue learning their mother tongue upon relocation. BiCortex groups children not only by age but also by level to ensure the classes engage all of the children present.

The virtual classroom allows for engaging and interactive lessons to take place, but the teacher has control over how, where and when the students can interact.

What languages BiCortex does teach?

The virtual classroom hosted by BiCortex offers learners:

  • Scheduled classes so you know when every class will be
  • Access to all past classes including the option to download so your child can revise at their own pace
  • Learn together and make friends with others learning at the same time 
  • Easy to use and interactive virtual classroom that all children can use
  • Ability to be able to message the teacher, privately receive feedback on your child’s progress
  • Option to purchase additional one-to-one lessons and work with the same teacher to accelerate your child’slearning

Do you want to try our online groups for children?

How does BiCortex work?

Regardless of the virtual lessons platform, our skilled language teachers deliver virtual-led classes and are able to share digital materials, display the whiteboard as a visual aid and share other content such as video/voice clips, interactive activities, etc that are age and level appropriate.

After the first class simply confirm the package that you want and make your payment. We are able to accept payments in EUR, USD, GBP and BRL. Payments are usually by bank transfer, but we also accept PayPal and credit card payments, please ask for more details.

  • Fully qualified trainers
  • Professional and organised
  • Able to tailor classes to suit the child’s needs
  • Fixed schedule so you always know when classes will be
  • Access to past classes and notes at any time
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Judith is amazing ! I lover her so much with the kids and with me!!! Super teacher ! Polite patient always helpful and adorable ❤️

Emeline, from a French family expatriated in the USA learning English

BiCortex offers online group lessons for adults too!

BiCortex also offers language classes for adults, either one-to-one or within groups up to 8 students.

Classes are 90 minutes and take place once or twice per week, you can check your level here with our placement test.