In-person one-to-one lessons for children

Research shows that childhood is the best and easiest time to learn a new language, with in-person one-to-one lessons for children our qualified language trainers will make learning fun!

The best time to learn a new language

Language lessons for children help them to become effective communicators and work towards fluency in a second or even third language.

Learning another language as a child also develops:

  • Increased intellectual capacity
  • Global perspective and stronger cultural knowledge
  • Greater career and educational opportunities

BiCortex is ready to facilitate your child’s growth with face-to-face lessons in a range of languages available. Our specialist teachers come to your home, or other location of your choice and deliver fun, interactive and age-appropriate classes.

BiCortex offers in-person one-to-one language training lessons for children and teens.

Face-to-face language lessons are an effective and engaging opportunity for children as young as four years old to become (for their age) fluent in a new language. Child leaners can benefit immensely from a qualified teacher and a lesson plan that is designed with them in mind.

BiCortex pairs child learners with teachers with experience and interest in teaching children a second language. The students are exposed to language learning materials and activities that are age-appropriate and match their existing knowledge of the language. That way, child learners are always engaged and stimulated at a level that encourages growth. Our teachers don’t just teach the language, they show the language, using games, singing, artistic and also movement activities.

For older students lessons can be focused on supporting school studies and examinations, or maintaining other languages spoken within the family and encouraging fluency by exploring a wide range of topics.

Teaching English kids
In-person one-to-one

What does a face-to-face language lesson for children look like?

Children learning a new language can make progress in leaps and bounds. BiCortex ensures that child learners can stay engaged and focused while learning by taking a unique approach to their needs. Our language trainers are required to have extensive experience with teaching children and avast tool-box of teaching styles to meet the needs of every young learner. Students can learn from a variety of language-teaching methods:

  • Conversations
  • Flash cards
  • Books and videos
  • Playing with toys and models
  • Movement activities

Learning options are also available online for children aged 5 and over, for both one-to-one and small groups.

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All activities take place with parental permission, and parents are asked to be nearby for classes. This is for the child’s safety and also to help them with additional language learning support.

In some cases, teaching can take place outside of the home or other indoor seeing and be taken into the outside world. Students can learn a new language while seeing it applied in real-world settings, like cooking classes, art lessons or exploring nature. Activities can be done both inside and outside the home where conditions permit and with parental consent.

We also offer adult learning options, and family classes which allow parents and child to learn and practice together.