The Importance of Learning German in Vienna

Born from parents who decided to immigrate to an entirely different country all on their own and without knowing the language, my parents decided to settle down and call the U.S. their home for the past thirty years or so. They arrived here in the United States after my grandfather’s arrival a couple of years after and since then, have not had the chance to properly learn English.



Many immigrants who arrived here (and continue to arrive here) don’t have the opportunity to take classes due to their long hours of work and taking care of children who eventually become fluent and a number of them who inevitably never teach their parents proper English and rely heavily on them with for varies of reasons.

I never thought I would have to experience this, until I decided to take the leap to learn a different language in a completely different country.

A couple of years ago, I signed up for a German language course in Vienna to extend my stay there. This was a great time to do that since I was in the midst of not knowing exactly what I wanted to do and learning a different skillset in such a beautiful city would give me a sense of where to go next. I was fortunate enough to have a group of people who would translate for me and allow me to properly experience Vienna through a native Austrian. This grateful experience gave me friendship and, most importantly, a strong importance of what learning a new language means when desiring the full-on cultural experience independently.

With BiCortex Languages, the same opportunity of a global experience can happen with their face-to-face or online language courses as well as their cross-cultural training worldwide. As we are all experiencing an unique time in history, having access to such resource can help you feel as if you are actually there in that specific country and even prepare you for your trip to that country in the near future.


Image: © Florence Kim

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