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Successful Language Training: What Does it Look Like, and What Can it Provide?

Successful language training often helps employees determine if they can easily accept a global assignment. Many transferees may have a commanding grasp of several languages. Language proficiency and other professional skills often prepare them well for work in a new location. However, their family members may not be as proficient in multiple languages. The prospect of relocating to a destination where language may become a barrier can be daunting.

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Employers should inquire as to whether transferees, their spouses, and their family members have proficiency in the language that is most in use at their new location. If they do not have proficiency, employers should provide assistance with language training.

What Does Successful Language Training Look Like?

Language training programs may include several helpful elements. All of these elements work together to provide transferees and their family members with valuable communication skills. These programs provide professional resources that are proven to assist transferees and their family members successfully settle in to their new location.

GMS spoke with Inigo Lopez, CEO of BiCortex Languages (Former Eszett Business Language Services) to learn more about how participants can get the most out of their language training programs. Inigo agreed to share his expert guidance on this topic.

Successful Language Training Should be Efficient

Inigo notes that for greatest efficiency, students should study in a private class. Also, the number of student in group classes should always be kept to a minimum. The best solutions are tailored to the student’s specific needs including:

  • Preferred location (home, office or a neutral location)
  • Level of education
  • Business industry
  • Student’s professional and personal objectives

Language training that uses multiple methods to teach students typically has the highest rate of success. These methods may include conversation, use of visual aidsgrammar exercises, and self-study. Also, students report higher levels of satisfaction with the training program. As a result, they are also more highly motivated.

Successful Language Training by Expert Language Trainers

Inigo believes the best language training providers work with trainers with the following profile:

  1. Significant number of years within the field of education
  2. Native and multilingual teachers
  3. Qualifications from renowned colleges and universities
  4. Highly motivated specialists with excellent customer feedback

Language Training and Complementary Services

Beyond language training, good solutions offer a range of complementary services. Inigo believes language training and other services can work together to help students reach the highest level of success. For example, tutoring can extend beyond language to include academic support in schools, preparatory classes for examinations, diplomas, and entrance exams, or writing papers.

Additionally, training should incorporate a wide variety of formats. Live online classes, online module learning, and custom solutions all work together to help students learn at their own pace.

What are Students of Successful Language Training Saying?

Inigo provided comments from several students who have utilized language training solutions successfully. Their comments show the amount of value that language training can provide:

M. recently relocated from Colombia to the United States

“My goal is to learn the English language because now we live in the United States…the language training classes helped me a lot…my level is very low as a beginner. My advice to others who want to learn a new language would be that first you really need to want to learn and receive classes both on grammar and tenses, classes can be online as it is similar to face to face in my experience.

The best thing for me is to simply learn, I love to learn more things every day. English for me is a priority and is a goal of mine in 2020. My favorite resources were the internet based tools and videos.”

R. recently relocated from India to the United Kingdom

“My main goal is to be fluent in it, and be confident. So far it is good, my teacher helps very much, and I like her classes. My advice to others is try to use English every day, read books, when looking for a word you do not know yet, always use more than one dictionary.

The best thing about learning a new language is that I am able to develop my confidence level, improving my social interaction and encouraging connection between peers. For me, the best way to learn has always been watching movies and shows. A good way to learn and practice English is to talk with our friends.”

What Should Employers do About Language Training?

The most successful company relocation programs provide a wealth of support programs and services for transferees and their family members since they are often key to ensuring a successful relocation. GMS provides our clients with an extensive range of language training programs as well as other valuable business services so employee relocations are successful. Our high-touch service model fully extends to helping transferees and their family members with everything they need during their relocation process.


GMS’ team of corporate relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients develop successful language training programs to help their relocating employees and their family members settle in to their new location. Our team can help your company determine the best language training solution for your relocation program. As a result, this will help promote successful relocations.

GMS was the first relocation company to register as a .com. The company also created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation® technology platform.

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