The future of language lessons online

Will language lessons online be the norm for future education? Find out more on why the growth of online language learning due to the pandemic has led many to wonder whether it’s here to stay or not.

The world after the pandemic and its impact on online education

The current state of online language lessons

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an explosion in growth worldwide for group and private language lessons online. An increasingly digital world means that the online learning industry will grow to become a USD $21.2 billion market by 2027. And the new Delta variant of COVID-19 means that online learning is here to stay.

But what does that mean for the current state of online language learning? There are other factors causing this growth beyond COVID-19. The current growth of online education is coming from a global push for increased communication beyond borders, a growing remote learning market, and a preference for multilingual employees. Demand for language learning is skyrocketing as a result.

The future of language lessons online

One of the biggest game-changers for the future of online language lessons is artificial intelligence. The future of language lessons online is similar to the future of many other industries that are affected by this new technology. Artificial intelligence may be the future of online language learning by creating more personalized and user-friendly lessons for language learners.

For example, A.I. has already shown that students learn languages more effectively by constructing sentences rather than memorizing vocabulary terms. Normal wisdom suggests flash cards and learning vocabulary is easier than learning grammar. But taking the opposite approach can boost conversational comprehension and confidence!

But there are other exciting possibilities for the future of language lessons online. A.I. is not likely going to replace human language instructors in the near future. But it can shed light on how to make remote learning more efficient in the meantime. And that means that the online language learning process will become simpler and faster.

Using virtual language lessons to Learn French online

The French language is one of the most marketable languages that you can learn. It is also one of the business world’s most commonly spoken languages. And that includes Africa and its vast economic promise, where the majority of French speakers live. There has never been a better time to learn to speak, read, and write in French.

The most convenient way to learn French is through language lessons online. Learning from qualified instructors that are also native speakers helps beginners become comfortable speaking French. Learning through interacting with the instructor and classmates helps you to have fun and build conversational fluency. Consistent language practice is like consistence exercise: it adds up and builds your linguistic muscles fast.

Why You Should learn German online

The German language is one of the most popular languages to learn for economic and educational opportunities. German is the world’s second most used scientific language and the third most common language used in research and development. German tourists are the world’s biggest spenders when on holiday. These reasons and many more are why it has never been a better time to learn German.

German language lessons online

And language lessons online with an experienced speaker has made learning German easier than ever. Online language lessons have the advantage over traditional in-person classes by being more affordable, offering more flexibility in scheduling lessons, and having a more customizable curriculum. Students can set the pace, focus on their preferred subjects, and learn on their own time.

Self-paced vs. virtual learning: What are the differences?

Some language learners prefer to learn at their own pace, and some prefer to learn virtually with an instructor guiding them. Is one better than the other? And which one is right for you?

Self-paced language lessons online are great for students and professionals who have busy lives and want to learn a new language on their own time. Self-paced learning platforms like BiCortex offer students short 10–15-minute lessons that cover wide ranges of topics and that can also focus on industry-specific content. This is ideal for beginners and advanced learners alike.

Remember when we talked about A.I. earlier? Self-paced learners also get the benefit of speech-recognition technology to help refine their pronunciation. The Review Manager app also helps to keep previous lessons and learning material saved across all devices for quick and easy lookup.

Virtual learning with an online instructor is the best option for language learners that like to learn by conversing and practicing with others. Virtual language lessons online create secured and immersive classrooms with lessons tailored to online learners. Students have all the interactive benefits of taking part of a class without the inconvenience of commuting to a physical location.

Self-starters and people with untraditional schedules will find that self-paced online learning is the best option to learn a new language quickly. People who prefer accountability and who want to focus on deepening their speaking fluency will do best in a virtual learning environment. But the best option will always be whatever encourages you to keep learning and practicing.

Making language learning online easy with BiCortex Languages

Learning French, German, or any other language online has never been easier thanks to BiCortex Languages. BiCortex Languages is a premier language learning service that pairs students with experienced virtual instructors and self-paced online courses.

BiCortex offers diverse language learning options and customizable lessons for children, adults, and corporate training groups to create an exceptional learning experience. This is combined with flexible scheduling options and a unique content management system.

BiCortex Language’s fantastic rates, fast customer support, and scores of satisfied students mean that you will learn from the best.