What games can I play to improve my German?

What games can I play to improve my German?

When you learn German, or any foreign language, it is important to enjoy yourself. This is because learning is most effective when it is fun and devoid of stress. Some of the traditional teaching methods for languages include using textbooks, practicing grammar exercises and reading books in the native language. While all these are useful ways to improve your German, interactive language games provide a particularly entertaining way to practice your language skills. Multi-player options allow you to play with your friends, turning language training into a social event. Below are some of the best German games you can play.

1. Quizzes

Quizzes are an excellent way to test memory recall. After you have learnt a particular grammar point, doing a quiz allows you to see what you have remembered. Quizzes on German culture can also be entertaining. Indeed, when it comes to learning a language, culture should not be neglected.

What games can I play to improve my German? You can play Quiz Games

2. Apps

There are a lot of German-learning apps available, such as Duolingo or Memrise. However, you do not have to use apps solely focused on language learning. Change your language settings on your phone so that any game app appears in German. Game apps that are popular in Germany include Coin Master, Moon Active and Gardenscapes. Try these games and you can already have something common with your German friends.

What games can I play to improve my German?  You can play Apps Games

3. Crosswords

Crosswords are perfect for expanding your German vocabulary. Making you think of synonyms and expressions, it not only improves your German, but your mental dexterity. There are German crosswords apps specifically adapted for beginners, such as those available on the website abcteach, or via the Goethe Institut’s app. Rätselfieber is ideal for upper-beginner, intermediate learners and advanced learners since all clues and answers are in German.

What games can I play to improve my German?  You can play Crosswords Games

4. Image Memory Games

If you are a visual learner, image memory games are ideal for you. When doing image memory games in German, you have to remember the match two identical cards, remembering where they are located when turned face-down. To practice your German, you have to say the word in German and not in your native language.

5. Guess-Who

Guess-Who encourages you to describe people. It practices basic, essential vocabulary, including colours and simple verbs. If you want to expand the vocabulary, you can also practice describing monsters, animals or fairy-tale characters. With rules that are easy to understand, this game is particularly popular among young learners.

6. Online Lessons with BiCortex

BiCortex is one of the best websites for German language learning. Online lessons take place via an interactive, virtual classroom. Authentic German resources are used, such as films, trailers, music and news. This creates a dynamic, varied lesson.  Games are also incorporated into German classes. When learning vocabulary, your German teacher will show each word in a sentence so that you can see it used in context. Using flashcards, quizzes or crosswords, your knowledge will be tested. For German conversation classes, a topic can be chosen at random and you will be expected to elaborate on it for an allocated time.

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What games can I play to improve my German?

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