Traveling around Germany as a German language student

Germany is attractive; it has speculative architecture, mass castles, and all four year-round seasons. In addition, it has a rich tradition and an appealing way of life and norms, which leads to at least half of the adventure-worthy beauty that Germany has in store. When you arrive in Germany, you will be welcomed with different transport choices concerning your journey around the country. After you fly into the country, you won’t have to use an airplane again because all means of transport are readily available. Read on below and get to know more about traveling around Germany when studying the German language!  

Getting to know Germany 

Germany has all modes of transport: trains, buses, and bikes driven on paths with zero chaos. They have set up their highways modernly, and their trains are outstanding. You can choose any mode of transport you desire to use while in the country. You will be excited to take a trip to fascinating places by boat, or you can choose to exercise your body using the bike as a mode of transport. 

The greatest adventure you will experience in Germany as a German student is the profitable trips and tours to the cities and towns. Moving around Germany while studying is an important section to add to your education encounter, and it will leave you with many memorable sessions. 

Traveling and adventure will act as the finalization of your learning abroad. When you don’t have German classes or not visiting the library, use your free hours taking a tour of sceneries nearby. 

And being an outlander in Germany means that there are so many sceneries to visit, and you have so many things to explore. It is challenging at first before you know where to start, but time is the factor that determines everything. Still, sooner or later, your nosy and eccentric personality will have already decided the next place you are visiting. 

Places you can consider visiting as a German student 

First, begin exploring the city regardless of where you are taking your German classes. The city always has new adventures, and it contains the rich history of Germany.

  • Munich is found in the southern part of Germany, and many tourists visit this place throughout the year. 
  • Weimar- this city is popular for the wise men who decided to utilize some time in the city area.  
  • Heidelberg- as a student who is willing to have more knowledge, this city is perfectly your next destination. It is popular for sharing celebrity figures in history, e.g., writers. 
  • Dresden- research has shown that this is among the most attractive cities in Germany. It hosts a massive history of music and opera. 

Ensure you have grasped numerous words in German class that will help you easily tour around Germany. But you will realize that the terms are not hard.

Away from the classroom, now in your line of adventure, you will find yourself applying words like:

  • Airplane – Flugzeug
  • Car- Wagen
  • Bike- Fahrrad
  • Boat- Boot
  • Bus- Bus
  • Ticket- Fahrkarte
  • Day ticket- Tageskarte
  • Month ticket- Monatskarte

As a German dialect student, you can prepare some German words before joining the course because they will help you move easily to where you like. You can also practice the language with German residents you will meet during your trips around the country.  

Ensure you plan your journey, and try to pack for all the four seasons depending on how long your stay in Germany will be. But rest assured that you will love it!

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