Romanian Learning German in Preparation for Relocation

Learning German can be challenging. Here is my story of learning German has prepared me for relocation.

I took German classes with BiCortex Languages once a week. I started studying German in High School as a hobby, and I continued ever since. My goal is to reach a fluent level of German in order to be able to read German authors in the original. More to that, I do not exclude that at some point I would like to move to Germany and use German in my daily life.

Romanian learning german

The pandemic brought immense changes for everyone and some of them could be regarded in a positive light. For instance, when almost everything moved online, I had a greater choice of language schools. After going through different offers I have chosen BiCortex Languages. Luckily, I found a good teacher that helped me in learning German.

I must confess that I am very happy with my choice because, from all the German classes I took, I enjoyed those with BiCortex Languages the most. The virtual classroom was perfectly suited for active interaction between the students and the professor, and most of the tasks and activities were in fact interactive.

I especially enjoyed the teaching method – a balance of speaking, writing, and grammar exercises. The teacher was very professional, and he managed to keep everyone engaged most of the time. We have received a moderate amount of homework and feedback for each task.

My goal was to improve my grammar and expand my vocabulary, and by the end of the course, I could see that I most certainly reached it. Most of all I am happy that I am able now to have conversations with my German-speaking friends on a large spectrum of topics.

I recommend BiCortex Languages to everyone that wants to take a language class. The courses are highly professional, the teachers are responsive, and the group online classes are quite interactive. I especially enjoyed how multicultural the groups are and how many cultural aspects we have shared and discussed throughout the course. I have registered for the next level and I cannot wait to start my classes.😀

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