Learning German online in Italy with BiCortex Languages

My name is Francesco Rizzo, I studied German online at BiCortex Languages because my partner is a German native speaker. Even though we have been communicating in English all along, I thought learning German was a great opportunity for me to know the language better, so that I can be able to converse with her parents and relatives, who only speak and understand the German language. I live in Italy and I also spend most of my time at work, hence I decided to take German online classes with Bicortex Languages. So, read on below and get to know about my learning experience as one of their German students.

My German classes 
at BiCortex

Learning  German on BiCortex Languages’ online platform was a great experience for me. The language was taught by a native professional teacher who was very good and taught at the right pace too, according to my proficiency level. Their virtual classrooms feature some really good tools which allow you to be active and interact with the language teacher and other students, and also open and read pdf documents during the lessons. During my lessons, I was also able to do some exercises live with the teacher. This was the best part for me as she was able to help me and correct my mistakes there and there. 

Since this was my first time to learn German and take formal German lessons, my goal was to at least know and understand the basics of the language. Such as how to say and respond to hello, good morning, good afternoon etc. I wanted to be able to start and maintain a conversation in German, without any translations, of course in the beginner level. However, with the 12 lessons I did with biCortex languages, I can confidently say I am able to start a conversation, great and respond in the German language.

I even ended up learning more than just what my goal was. I got to learn some German verbs and other important expressions as a bonus, the teacher was that good and easy to understand. The teacher was quite good, professional and a nice person. She was very attentive, and paid attention to our progress as her students. Her teaching style was very good, she taught me so well from the beginning, teaching me how to use their tools and resources to get the best out of them and more.

Why I recommend learning German with BiCortex Languages

I would highly recommend you to learn German with BiCortex Languages because for starters, they are flexible. As someone who is always at work during the day, they have a very flexible schedule which was able to accommodate me. You will have the best language learning experience from the comfort of your home. You also have the option to choose if you want to have one on one sessions with the teacher, or you take their online group language classes which are great too. More so, they have really great tools in their virtual classrooms, some of which you wouldn’t find at any physical classrooms.  

Through the online group language classes, you also have an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world too. To sum it all up, I would undoubtedly recommend BiCortex languages to my friends and family because I went there with a goal, and my goal was met. I even ended up learning and knowing more than I thought I would. It’s also a smart way of learning, when learning online you get to save time and money that you would have used to go attend the lessons at a physical school. I sure had a great experience learning German at BiCortex Languages. 

Article Author: Francesco Rizzo

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