How to learn German language online for free

Learning a language can be fun, easy, and learned for free. Here’s why you should hesitate before you try to figure out how to learn the German language online free.

German language learning in the digital age

There is something magical about the German language and learning it in the autumn season. Maybe it is how the leaves turn colors or the way that the weather becomes just a little bit colder. Maybe it is the arrival of October and the promise of Oktoberfest. Whatever the reason, it is a great time to learn German!

Germany and learning German for Oktoberfest

But how to learn German language online free? COVID-19 concerns and restrictions still hold for most of the world. Most people are looking for easy and convenient ways to learn to communicate with their freunde and freundinnen all across the German-speaking world. And so, people turn to the Internet to find the best way to learn German online.

You’ll be happy to know that there are tons of resources available at the click of a button to help you learn to speak, read, and write German. Videos, practice guides, exercises, and lessons are all available. There are so many that you might even wonder if it is even worth it to pay for classes or language tutoring.

How to learn the German language online free? Connect with others!

Here’s the secret to learning the German language online and for free: you can absolutely do it. It has never been an easier or more convenient time to learn a new language. The digital age means that you can connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time, to practice speaking German. That kind of consistent practice is key to learning German.

How to Learn German Language Online Free - connect with others online

Immersion and consistent practice are the best ways to learn a new language. So how do you immerse yourself in a new language without leaving your home? Through the social media and opportunities for connection available through the Internet. You can become fluent in another language by using the same social media apps that you use every day.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have been used to promote, market, and inform for years. But many people don’t know how useful they can be for learning a new language. It’s true that many people from Germany have accounts. And simply scrolling through German users’ accounts can be a useful way to learn German.

But why stop there? You can immerse yourself in reading materials, follow native Germans through a day in the life speaking German, and break up your learning into bite-sized portions. Even the Goethe Institute uses social media to promote learning German. It takes just seconds to find ways to become familiar with how to learn German language online free.

The risks and downfalls of learning German for free

But just because something is free and easy does not mean that it is the best answer. Students and those interested in learning German should be careful about where they go to learn a new language. Not all sources are equally valuable and as effective as others when it comes to learning German. Even the free ones.

How to Learn German Language Online Free - it can be frustrating - risks and downfalls

One of the big downsides of learning German from free resources online is that there is little structure or guidance. You know how much progress you are making when you deal with accredited instructors and established language learning companies. But when you are learning on your own? Not so much. A lack of guidance hampers even the most zealous student.

Then there’s the fact that reputable schools are honest about how quickly you can learn a language. Many free resources make big promises like, “Become fluent in just one month!” or “Speak German in just one lesson!” Many of these offers are false, at best. More often, they are lures to scam you into paying for a subpar course.

That is not to say that all free online resources are bad. They can often make learning German more fun and entertaining. But the best way to use them is as supplements to your actual online German classes. Learn the nuts and bolts of the German language in school. Then go online and try it out in the real world.

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