Why learning French will improve your business

While English is widely spoken in many countries, it can be very beneficial for companies to have employees who speak another language, such as French. Nowadays, companies and other businesses worldwide often work together, many of which talk to French as one of their primary languages, so it makes sense to encourage your employees to learn French. This article will explain how to improve your business by learning French.

Learning French can make your business successful in many ways. Just like leveraging SEO and SMO in digital marketing will expand your business in terms of sales, leads, and revenue.  Below are some benefits to help you improve your business.

A world language

More than 300 million French speakers live on five continents. OIF, the international organization of francophone countries, has 88 member states and territories. French is the second most studied foreign language after English and the fifth most spoken language globally.

French is the only language taught in the world, along with English. France has an extensive international network of cultural organizations that provide French education to nearly a million students.

Breaking language barriers

Companies are increasingly using social media to attract new customers. Advertisements for products and services in multiple languages ​​are displayed for significant results. Increasing traffic to your website means it will appear in the search engine rankings, which may be at or near the top. This will lead to new members and more opportunities. If customers don’t understand your website because of the language in which it’s written, you’re interfering with them not believing and trusting the products and services you sell.

Present your products in your customer’s language, and your sales are likely to skyrocket. Doing your business in different languages ​​will help you expand your customer base, six of which are located worldwide. If your people are well educated in France, one of the most popular languages ​​of trade and commerce globally, you will increase your chances of achieving this result.

Improved customer service

Encouraging your employees to learn French will also help you improve the serviceability of your business. The rise in online sales means many companies expand their non-English language outlets. While this is nice, problems can arise when it comes to customer service, especially when there is a language barrier.

By learning French, your employees will be able to interact with French-speaking customers and give them the best service. The better customer service you can provide, the more you will satisfy customers and win their loyalty. Learning French can also help you expand into new markets. You will be able to create websites and marketing materials (using your staff’s French language skills) that customers can use in French to understand and participate.

International Networking Opportunities

French is spoken by more than 285 million people worldwide on five continents, either as a mother tongue or as a second language. French is the 5th most spoken language after Spanish on the Internet.

This gives many opportunities for communication on all continents of the world. Direct contact with new clients and companies in their native language is one of the first steps to establishing stable and robust business relationships.

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Employee Professional Development

Learning a language keeps your employees learning a new skill. This is an app that your employees can use quickly when interacting with international customers. It also helps retain staff. Writing French lessons for your employees is an opportunity to increase the income of your company or business.

New Market Opportunities

Learning French means expanding into different markets because you can build websites and sell your business to a whole new audience (four’ teach your staff’s French writing skills).

Most French international companies operate in various business sectors, including retail, automotive, luxury goods, and air. You can use email marketing and blogging to reach your customers in their language. As one of the largest economies in the world and a popular destination for foreign investment, France is an important economic partner for other countries.

In conclusion

More than 220 million people worldwide speak French, either their first or second language, and it is the second most widely studied language and the sixth most commonly spoken. A wealth of research on learning a second language can benefit you, ranging from expanding your organizational skills to increasing your employability and mental health benefits like intelligence, more work, better thinking, a change in mindset, and choices. 

Encouraging your employees to learn French can help reduce the language gap in business. It will also enable them to offer a high level of service to French-speaking customers and benefit from skills development. Learning French can improve your business and get a great return on investment.

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