The benefits of learning French from a teacher perspective

The French language from a teacher perspective

I have been teaching French and English for almost 5 years, while living in different countries (Spain, Ireland, and Italy). Teaching French in a while in a different country actually gave me two experiences at the same time; one of a teacher, and that of an expatriate. In such a case, as a teacher living abroad, I was teaching and indirectly learning at the same time.

learning French from a teacher prospective


I would help locals with my mother tongue, and at the same time I was also being taught another language on a daily basis. I got to learn a different way of life. You discover an entire new universe that covers about every aspect of your life, way of eating, way of making new friends, new types of hobbies, and much more. Read on below and learn more about the importance of learning French online or any other language from a native qualified teacher perspective.

French classes for companies and professionals

Teaching abroad gives you a great opportunity to make many important new connections in the professional world. Especially when teaching in companies, and also corporate students working in multinationals. There is a special feeling that one has when they’re able to speak a different language. It is not only about feeling proud, and knowing that they can speak more than just one language, but it’s also about feeling safe and being in control of what surrounds you.

Communication is key to so many things in life, be it personal or work related. Nowadays your language or the way you express yourself is as important as the way you present or carry yourself. The second thing that others will see and evaluate, especially in the professional world, is your ability to communicate. The more people you can communicate with the better, and the most proactive you will be. You can exponentially multiply your chances of being successful.

Learning the French language and understanding the culture 

Apart from the linguistic point of view, being able to learn different language and experiencing another culture and way of life also count as massive benefits. Learning a different language is indeed a good investment, quite rewarding too from an emotional point of view. You will be able to make acquaintances and be in contact with people you might never have met otherwise. At present, I can say that most of my closest friends do not share the same origins as me. 

Classes online

What we tend to remember faster are the things directly linked to some emotional experience, be it a song, a movie, a picture or just having a pleasant time. That’s the reason why I feel using as many prompts as possible and making my lessons as interactive and lively as possible as it’s crucial for the students to learn more efficiently, without even realising the effort they are putting into it.

French Classes in virtual classrooms

Thanks to virtual classrooms, interactive and user-friendly platforms, like the one I’m currently using with BiCortex Languages. They also offer cross-cultural training, spouse support and translation services. Teachers at BiCortex have at their disposal a lot of materials and resources to truly help students not just learn the rules or the grammar of another language, but also help them go through a different kind of “experience” and accompany them on their journey to fluency. 

My passion for languages all started when I was just a child. My parents used to take me on holiday to Spain, to a city called Tarragona in the province of Cataluña. I immediately fell in love with their language, it seemed so enigmatic to me and yet so familiar and important that I started to learn it, practicing with the other kids playing on the beach, or with the hotel staff we would greet on a daily basis. 

Being able to communicate seemed to always be a priority for me and the fact that I could speak a different language other than my native, made me feel like I was in possession of a beautiful secret. There is a famous saying which I think to be true that goes like this: “To have another language is to possess a second soul”. That’s exactly how if feels for me.

To sum it all up

In a nutshell, knowing other languages helps you widen your horizon, and to also see the world and people from a different angle; teaching a language is also quite similar to this. Being able to get your message across, and for the students to truly put in enough effort they need to feel involved in what you are teaching them is amazing.

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