Online French course: Russian in Belgium

I’ve joined the French online group classes with BiCortex to advance my French. Being Russian and living in Belgium. I don’t use French daily as my private and professional life is in English, still it’s much easier to communicate with locals in their language.


My goal is to improve my conversational and comprehension skills so that I could comfortably use French in my daily life. I’ve join the classes at level B2. After 10 lessons with 1.5 hours lesson a week I feel I could understand more and feel easier speaking with locals.


The online group course is in small groups (maximum 8, but e.g. in my group we never have more than 4 people in the class at the same time) allowing each individual to practice and actively participate. The online version is specifically handy in Corona times as well as convenient once you have a busy live. You could choose either intensive course or once a week, benefit from the discount on certain number of hours. Also the hours are flexible: morning, lunch time or evening.

Written by: Natalia Vanyagina


Online group language lessons have transformed how we study languages. They let students to learn from the comfort of their own homes, removing geographical constraints and frequently lowering prices. Because online platforms are interactive, they promote collaborative learning by allowing students to participate in real-time discussions, practice with peers, and receive immediate feedback. This dynamic setting has the potential to expedite language acquisition and improve cultural understanding.

 Corporations, on the other hand, stand to profit greatly from company in-person and self-paced language courses. Face-to-face encounters encourage nuanced learning, team building, and guarantee that staff are on the same page, particularly when preparing for overseas tasks or working with global clients.

Language lessons are also essential for relocation assignees too. They not only help with successful communication in a new nation, but they also help with the adjustment by offering insights into local culture, customs, and etiquette. These seminars, when combined with relocation training for assignees, guarantee that assignees can adapt easily, both professionally and socially, into their new surroundings.

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