Is French the Language of Love?

European languages are no strangers to romantic words and phrases. But is French the language of love? Learn why we often turn to Europe for words that make us swoon.

Is French the Language of Love? Let us explore this topic together. BiCortex Languages

Why Is French the Language of Love?

Love is in the air when the summer rolls along and the temperatures rise. And increased COVID-19 vaccination rates means that people are ready to get out and romance a chance. And whether you pronounce it love, amor, amore, or liebe, you will probably recognize French as the language of love.

But why is French called the language of love? What sets it apart from all the other languages of the world? It’s true that the French language is known as a language of culture, art, philosophy, and business. But why is it known as the language of love?

Read on to learn why the French language earned its reputation as the language of love. Soon, you’ll be saying, “Je t’aime” too!

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What is the Language of Love French or Spanish?

There are roughly 270 million French language speakers in the world. Is is the official language of 32 nations and is spoken in over 77 countries. And many of those speakers will happily tell you that French is the language of love and romance. Of course, many Spanish and Italian speakers will tell you the same thing. So why is French called the language of love, and not other romantic languages?

The French language is known as a euphonic language. That means that French’s linguistic organization of consonants and vowels creates words that sound beautiful and pleasing to the ear. Many languages share this feature and have words that sound pretty. But the French language is particularly filled with words and phrases that have a universal appeal.

Spanish, Italian, and other languages from countries that are near France are also filled with euphonic words. But France and its people are considered around the world to be the most romantic nation. After all, the French language conjures up visions of the Eiffel Tower, candle-lit dinners, and intimate late nights.

But the French language’s romantic reputation is not by coincidence or random chance. If we look at the history of the French language, we can see that it really is a prime example of a romance language.

Just What Are “Romance Languages”?

The term “romance language” might sound like an easy term to define. After all, it has the word “romance” in it. But while French is considered a romantic language, so are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Romanian. That is because these languages and many more are descended from Latin, the language of the ancient Romans.

All the territories that formed the ancient Roman Empire spoke Latin as a common shared language. After the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th-century AD, the various peoples began to adapt and change the Latin spoken there to reflect their own unique cultures. So, the word “Romans” slowly turned into “romance” over a period of centuries.

The French language emerged as the dominant language of the European Medieval Ages. It was the language of art, poetry, and diplomacy. The rise of medieval concepts like chivalry, knighthood, and courtly love were written on extensively in the flowery poetry of the time. And the beauty of the French language provided the perfect sound for l’amour Courtois, or “courtly love”.

France was the birthplace for the modern concept of love as a romantic feeling existing outside of marriage. So, when people think of love and romance, then they are likely thinking of ideas that came out of France and the French language. We could not say the phrase “I love you,” without its French roots.

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Why French Is Such a Special Language

That is why it’s no surprise why French is the language used to translate the most romantic phrases using Google Translate. The French language is a very descriptive language that has words and expressions for feelings that do not translate perfectly into English. Many words that are used and accepted in the English-speaking world are directly taken from French.

And many of those expressions involve love and romance. A person’s intended spouse is their fiancé. You might rendezvous with someone at cinq à sept. An intimate conversation is known as a tête à tête. And there are at least five different ways to express the same phrase, “I love you,” with different degrees of intensity.

It’s no wonder why people ask, “Is French the language of love?” The truth is plain to see – it is!

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