Basic French words to know when traveling to a French-speaking country

Those who have been in a French-speaking country like Paris understand the importance of having the capacity to speak a little bit French. The local people are always too quick to speak to you in the French language, assuming you understand. Not considering whether you said “Salut” at the grocery store or when ordering a snack, the French locals will notice your good manners. Any French word, term, or slang you take your time to grasp will assist you as you to move around and make your trip easier and more successful.  

Learn French

Touring or relocating to a French-speaking country is a great escapade, as you enjoy the traditional way of life and taste all the delicious foods. However, getting around France is not always so prestigious.  

When preparing to move to a French-speaking country, you must know basic French. After all, you will be placed in specific situations where the people around you will not be talking in English.  We have developed some typical French terms, words, and idioms you should learn before taking the next flight to a French-speaking country. 

Primary French Terminologies

  • Hello, good morning- bonjour
  • Hi- salut
  • Goodnight – Bonsoir
  • Please- s’il vous plait
  • You’re welcome – de rien
  • Thank you- Merci
  • Yes –Oui
  • No- non
  • Good- Bien
  • Beautiful- beau
  • Child- enfant
  • Adult- adulte
  • Mother- mère
  • Father- mère
  • Madam- madame
  • Sir- Monsieur
  • Brother- frère
  • Sister- sœur
  • Water- l’eau
  • Food- aliments
  • See you later- à plus tard

Typical French Words 

  • How are you- Comment ça va
  • How is the going- comment ça va
  • I am doing well and you- je vais bien et toi je vais bien et toi
  • What is your name- quel est votre nom
  • My name is- mon nom est
  • I love you- je t’aime
  • I miss you- tu me manque 
  • Excuse me- pardon
  • I am not aware-  Je ne suis pas au courant
  • I do not understand – je ne comprends pas 
  • Hotel- Hôtel
  • Hospital- hôpital
  • Can you help me? – Pouvez-vous m’aider
  • Speak slowly kindly- parlez lentement gentiment
  • Kindly repeat- veuillez répéter

Common words that every tourist should know

  • Do you speak English: Parlez-vous anglais?
  • I’m lost: Je suis perdu(e)
  • I’m sorry: Je suis désolé(e)
  • Where is- Où est
  • Where is the bathroom?: Où sont les toilettes?
  • How much is- Combien coûte
  • Do you speak English: Parlez-vous anglais?
  • I’m lost- Je suis perdu(e)
  • I’m sorry- Je suis désolé(e)
  • I would like- Je voudrais…
  • A beer- Une bière
  • A glass of wine- Un verre de vin
  • A cup of coffee- une tasse de café
  • Hotel service- service hotelier
  • Room attendant- préposé aux chambres
  • Room number- numéro de chamber
  • Where can I get a good restaurant? – où puis-je trouver un bon restaurant
  • Where is the beach located? – où se trouve la plage ?
  • Kindly direct me to the city center – merci de me diriger vers le centre ville
  • Please direct me to the airport – s’il vous plaît dirigez-moi vers l’aéroport
  • Would please give me the bill- pourriez-vous me donner la facture s’il vous plaît
  • I’m checking out – Je règle ma note

General French Terms and French Slang

  • Hello-Salut 
  • I love Paris- J’adore Paris
  • Have a nice journey- Bon voyage
  • Forget it or drop it- Laisse tomber
  • Come on or let us go- Allez
  • That is life- C’est la vie
  • French food is the best in the world-  La cuisine française est la meilleure du monde
  • Should take the left or the right turn? – dois-je prendre à gauche ou à droite?

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