American learning French online in Switzerland

In this article, we explore why learning French online is crucial for your success if you are relocating to Switzerland. We introduce to you Erica’s experience, in her own words, and how she had major success in Switzerland and navigated through a French speaking terrain.

Here’s a story of an American expat who ended up in Switzerland, and needed French classes to get around. Although this is not an uncommon story, you will find it interesting to read more about this particular experience.

Erica - Learning French online in switzerland

Sign up to Learn French online

I signed up for A1 French this fall with BiCortex Languages because my husband and I relocated to Lausanne in Switzerland. I discovered them through an online advertisement, and they were very fast to reply to my message about registering for classes. I’ve taken other adult French courses in the past, however I really enjoy BiCortex’s learning style and online platform.

Virtual classrooms for learning French online

The online platform is easy to login to and navigate. During class, we focus a lot on repetition and always review concepts from the week before; as well as be introduced to new material.

My French teacher, Christine, gives each student a chance to read/speak out loud and ask questions. She corrects your pronunciation and has given me the confidence to practice speaking and to create basic French sentence structures. Plus, I’m really enjoying the class interaction!

In the A1 classes, we learned practical material such as: numbers, how to make purchases, grocery shop, introduce myself, verbs, and grammar. Learning French has also helped me integrate into Switzerland and be a part of the community. It has been a lot of fun to apply what I’ve learned in class to real world conversations!

How I made it – thanks to BiCortex Languages

Learning a new language can sometimes feel overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin. BiCortex Languages has been a great language resource and the company is very professional. They are very helpful and listen to my language needs; making it easier to fit a class into my weekly schedule. If you are serious about learning a new language I would recommend contacting BiCortex Languages.

By Erica Cárdenas.

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