The new workplace: How important is it to speak a foreign language?

In a globalized world, there are more and more companies looking for employees with foreign language skills. It is not only important to speak a foreign language in the new workspace, but also to know the culture of the respective country. In this blog, you will learn why foreign language skills are becoming increasingly important and which languages are particularly in demand.

The globalized world

In a globalized world, where companies increasingly operate internationally, it is important that employees are able to communicate on an international level. To do this, it is essential to speak a foreign language. It is especially important to speak a foreign language if you have to deal a lot with people from abroad in your job. After all, this is the only way to effectively exchange ideas and network with colleagues and business partners, especially in virtual offices, which can be set up in 4 easy steps.

It is also an advantage for your career to know a foreign language. It is also advantageous for your career to speak a foreign language. After all, the more languages you speak, the more attractive you are to employers.

For many people, however, learning a foreign language is not that easy. Often they lack the motivation or simply don’t have the time. But if you make up your mind to practice something regularly, you can learn a foreign language.

There are now many different ways to learn a foreign language – whether online or offline. For example, you can take courses or meet privately with native speakers. Even if it is not always easy: Speaking a foreign language is worthwhile in any case!

The new language workplace of the future

The world is becoming smaller, more networked and more global. What was once unthinkable is now reality: thanks to the Internet and social media, people all over the world can get in touch with each other and exchange ideas.

The working world has also changed as a result of this development. More and more companies are opening their doors to international employees and customers. At the same time, workplace requirements are constantly being redefined. In a globalized world, it is therefore more important than ever to speak a foreign language. 

Foreign language skills are not only important for the workplace, but also open up many other opportunities. Those who speak a foreign language can better orient themselves when traveling and get to know the culture of the respective country.

Foreign languages are also helpful for personal life: you can make new friends and keep in touch with people from all over the world.

Foreign language skills as an essential success factor in working life

In a globalized world, foreign language skills are indispensable – both for companies and for employees. Only those who speak several languages can be successful internationally.

Foreign language skills open up new markets and business opportunities and thus ensure growth and innovation in companies. 

They also make it possible to communicate with customers and business partners all over the world, thus strengthening relationships. For employees, foreign language skills mean greater professional mobility and opportunities in the labor market. They can use it to make their resumes more attractive and stand out from the competition.

Why it pays to learn a foreign language

In today’s fast-paced and globalized world, it is essential to master a foreign language. Because only those who speak several languages can really communicate and understand internationally. Learning a foreign language opens the door to a completely new culture and broadens your horizons. 

You learn not only the language, but also the mentality and thinking of the people in the respective country. This is especially important if you have to deal a lot with people from other cultures in your job. Another important prerequisite for success in professional life is mobility. Nowadays, if you want to get ahead professionally, you have to be willing to leave your home country and work abroad. 

But here again, it is important to have a command of a foreign language. Because that’s the only way to really communicate and network. For many companies today, it is already standard that their employees speak several languages. This is the only way they can really communicate and act internationally.

That’s why it’s important for career starters to already have a command of several languages. Only then do they have a chance of not missing the boat and being able to keep up with international competition.

For which jobs should you learn a foreign language?

In today’s globalized world, it has become increasingly important to speak a foreign language in a professional context. This is because most companies are internationally oriented and have customers and business partners abroad. To be successful in this context, it is essential to speak the language of the respective country.

But which foreign languages should one learn in order to be successful in the job market? Of course, the answer depends on what industry you work in and what position you hold. Generally speaking, however, there are some foreign languages that are beneficial in many fields.

First of all, English is of course the language used in most international contexts. So, if you have a lot to do professionally with people from other countries, it is essential to speak English. In addition, French and German are also very useful, as they are spoken in many European countries. In Asia, Mandarin and Japanese are popular languages if you have a lot to do professionally with Chinese or Japanese business partners.

So, generally speaking, it can be said that speaking a foreign language is useful for many professions. Especially if you have a lot to do with people from other countries.


In the coming years, it will become more and more important to speak a foreign language. For many jobs, especially in the international business world, a good knowledge of a foreign language will become more and more important. So if you want to learn a foreign language, you should think carefully about which language best suits your profession.