Top 5 Conversational Topics When Learning English

Getting lessons to have the capacity to converse in the English language is among the challenging parts of learning ESL (English) conversations. This is not the same as studying grammar or vocabulary, where you can learn it comfortably by reading books and analyzing. Learning how to have a complete conversation is a different challenge. It isn’t easy to understand more about a language when you do not have a chance to speak it out loud with another person during a conversation. Conversations create connections, channel relationships, and power education, primarily for English dialect learning.     

Do you desire to be equipped with excellent conversational skills for English language education? Read more!

5 Of The Best Conversational Topics When Learning English

  1. Interests

The first aspect that can engage a conversation in English is chatting about hobbies. The activities include; sports, reading books, watching a movie, listening to music, or watching TV.

You can ask the people you are conversing with some questions to engage the conversation; 

  • What they love doing during different seasons of the year
  • If they are engaged in any sport, and if there is, which sport?
  • What was the most enjoyable movie they watched recently?
  • If they love reading, which book was exciting to read?
  • What is their favorite activity during the weekend?
  • What do they love doing after a stressful day?
  • What hobbies have they love doing with friends or relatives?
  • What kind of music do they love listening to and dancing to? 
  1. Meals and Drinks

Most people love conversations about food. This conversation topic can excite a whole group because everyone has what they love. Some prefer cooked food, while others love meals made in restaurants for personal reasons, which they can share during the chat.

When trying to learn English, at least understand the names of typical meals and drinks. You can share the joints where they serve your favorite snacks, the price, and the service you have been receiving. You can also chat about the drinks you love, some enjoy soft drinks, and others enjoy alcoholic beverages. 

All of the above are matters that can be discussed and improve your conversation when on the journey of learning English.

  1. Business/ Jobs

This is a very complex conversation topic because it starts from subjects each of you enjoyed in school that led them to become what they are currently. Others love the 8-5 jobs, while others are into business. Everyone has perspectives and cannot lack points to discuss to improve your English. 

If the conversation is happening among students, you could ask your peers what they want to be when they grow up and talk more about what motivates them to become that person. 

  1. Relationship/ Marriage

This is among the broadest topics in which to engage in a conversation. It starts with friends, relatives, parents, the church, colleagues, spouses, partners, and any other kind of relationship you can think of. 

We all have what we love about the people we enter into relationships with; it may be their character, personality, their vibe, among other aspects.     

  1. Travel 

Every person has traveled at one point in their life, either locally or internationally. Chat about the most exciting and boring places you have ever visited. Ask one another about their dream destinations and places or where they would love to travel with their children, wives, husbands, or parents. 

Such conversations will help you learn English successfully. 

The essentiality of relating with others through talking helps more. Human beings learn by listening to other people’s ideas while looking at facial and body gestures that express emotions.    

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