Virtual language lessons

BiCortex Languages hosts virtual classrooms to recreate the real experience. Check out our teaching platform!

Join our worldwide virtual language lessons

The best way to develop real-world language fluency is to practice with others. Virtual language lessons can quickly build fluency in group or one-to-one settings. How can prospective students receive curated language lessons with a diverse group of conversation partners, whilst still receiving high-quality instruction and support? The answer is through BiCortex’s virtual group language lessons.

BiCortex’s virtual language lessons offer convenient, cost-effective and immersive language learning options specially tailored for online learners. BiCortex hosts its own online learning platform to deliver secure and GDPR-compliant language lessons led by our talented roster of professional instructors. In the virtual language classroom, students and instructors can come together to learn, build and grow their language skills.

Every cutting-edge classroom hosted by BiCortex offers learners:

  • An interactive and download-free learning whiteboard with annotatable interface in several languages
  • Access to past classes allowing students to revisit lessons, content and activities at any time
  • Hassle-free flexible scheduling based on course and instructor availability
  • Regular updates of lessons, materials, and documents
  • Streamlined menus for navigating homework, class reminders and notifications
  • Learning analytics and attendance reports

Virtual learning can occur in private one-to-one sessions or in group classes. Prospective students will be able to choose an instructor from a roster of qualified teachers from over 100 different countries. Wherever the teacher and students sign in from, they can meet, learn and grow together in BiCortex’s proprietary virtual classroom platform.

How does virtual training differ from face-to-face training?​

Even though in-person and virtual learning share the same objectives, their teaching methods are different. The key difference is in BiCortex’s instructors. Our expert virtual trainers all have several years of experience in conducting classes online using our platform.

In online language training, instructors and students:

  • Share an interactive whiteboard for writing and drawing
  • Access a teaching toolbox with conjugated verbs in 8 languages
  • Review videos and preloaded multimedia learning materials
  • Collaborate and progress together on textbook sections
With us, students can always access their trainer’s info, lesson summaries, and reviews of previous lessons. BiCortex is committed to its students’ online language success – each and every lesson.