Subject specific classes

BiCortex’s subject-specific language training can be taken online or face-to-face

Learn effective workplace communication and language skills

Some areas of language fluency are more important than others. BiCortex offers subject-specific language learning classes that enhance workplace communication and fluency for multilingual companies. Focused subject-specific learning can mean increased confidence speaking with clients, coworkers and managers.

Subject specific classes provided by BiCortex

Our trained and talented language instructors create customized subject-specific courses that are useful for niche language learning areas like:

  • Primary and secondary host country languages
  • Grammar and writing-oriented training
  • Conversational and speech-focused training
  • Pronunciation and accent-reduction courses
  • Preparation for official certification, traveling abroad or job interviews
  • Day-to-day or business language immersion
  • Intensives and refresher courses
  • Event-specific preparations (test-taking, presentations and more)

Subject specific classes and instruction can be applied to industries and departments where communication and teamwork are key:

  • Customer Resource Management
  • Sales & Logistics
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Pharmacology
  • Business Travel & Hospitality
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resources & Public Relations
    • Journalism & Media
Training coaching
Cross cultural training

Customized subject-specific classes and structure

BiCortex blends talented teachers and the latest technology to design subject-specific classes with language learning course tools that are relevant to the client. All language learning can be done both face-to-face and in virtual classrooms. All lessons include the right learning material for that specific subject.

The learning content included in each lesson is applicable to that topic. This includes instructor-led lessons that feature diverse learning strategies that are honed and refined to be the most useful for the client. Learning materials can include:

  • Industry-specific content
  • Instructional videos
  • Vocabulary and terminology lists
  • Conversational roleplay
  • And much more

BiCortex LCMS platform to create specific courses

BiCortex uses its own Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to consistently generate new content. This is a useful tool for clients who have a specific industry, sector, department or area that requires focused content. BiCortex can create relevant content in any source or target language and give access to multiple learners, departments or entire companies.

Online self-paced courses are also available for certain vertical industries and can be adapted to the client’s goals and objectives.

Our trainers are:

  • Fully qualified
  • Professional and reliable
  • Able to adapt the lessons to suit the learner
  • Flexible
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Corporate Customers
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