Group language classes

BiCortex Languages offers virtual and in-company face-to-face group lessons.

Group language classes could be the right approach for you

Group language classes are an excellent way for companies and organizations to grow employee language fluency. BiCortex can improve group language fluency using its consistently-proven language learning methods and pedagogy. BiCortex brings standardized levels of language learning to all of its group language classes so that every group member succeeds.

BiCortex also pairs students at the appropriate fluency level. We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERFL) to define levels of language competency and success for students. CEFRL is also the most frequently used test for group training to pair students by language competency.

BiCortex also takes proven learning modalities into account when designing the right course plan for groups. Those four methods of learning – visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile – are various ways to learn and remember the same kind of information.

Every cutting-edge classroom hosted by BiCortex offers learners:

  • Flexible class schedule-setting with teachers
  • Hassle-free instructor replacement in cases of illness, vacation, etc.
  • Guaranteed learning consistency with a roster of experienced online and in-person instructors
  • BiCortex Manager: our secure self-service portal and dashboard for monitoring student progress and completed lessons
  • Additional options for private virtual or in-person lessons with students whose schedules don’t fit with the group
Our teachers at BiCortex Languages

How does BiCortex determine group learning objectives?

  • BiCortex instructors and a Language Program Coordinator determine the students’ goals, needs and preferred learning methods
  • During the first lesson, students will fill out an intake form to outline their language usage expectations
  • The instructor revises and updates the lesson materials with the students’ language levels and goals in mind
  • The instructor and students agree on the learning goals
  • The BiCortex team creates lesson plans for the program’s duration
  • Subsequent classes will feature relevant learning materials and texts for the group’s skill level

How does virtual training differ from face-to-face training?​

Here at BiCortex Languages, we know that Visual learners learn best from videos, graphics and images. In contrast, auditory learners might be better suited learning from stories, songs and participating in verbal conversations. Kinesthetic learners might benefit from roleplay and field trips. Tactile learners prefer physical objects and playing games. All of these are different ways to learn the same lesson and BiCortex is sensitive to its learners’ needs.

BiCortex is a corporate language school and that means the following advantages:

  • Multiple language teachers in your area
  • A completely personalized learning approach for students/groups
  • Videoconferencing tools for efficient and natural learning
  • An extensive media library and deep bench of learning experts
With us, students can always access their trainer’s info, lesson summaries and reviews of previous lessons. BiCortex is committed to its students’ online language success – each and every lesson.